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How to recover deleted photos on your Android mobile

651 Easy things sometimes have a drawback: they are easy. Why do we tell you this? Because one of the…


Easy things sometimes have a drawback: they are easy. Why do we tell you this? Because one of the characteristics of a smartphone is to make your life as easy as possible, and sometimes both are facilitated, we do things we do not want to do, such as deleting a picture or image that we wanted to keep and that has now become just an amalgam of 1s and 0s floating on some of the flash memory chips of our smartphone. If that is your case, do not despair, do not shout and do not lose your temper, as we show you how to recover deleted photos on your Android mobile.

We must take into account several things when it comes to recovering a deleted photo or image. The first is that Android does not allow it to be done natively, so we will have to resort to third-party applications. The second is that some of these apps require root rights, although not all luckily, and the third is that time plays in our account here.

These applications can help you recover deleted photos on your Android mobile

Although in Google Play we will find lots of applications for the same purpose, we will recover these 4, since they are the ones that receive the unanimous vote of the users:

  • Dumpster: The first advantage of this app is that it is free, so nothing of having to pay for the Pro version to be able to recover the found data, something common in other applications. This application is very good and does not require ROOT permissions, but it has a large default : it is only for cautious people, since it requires that we have installed the app before having deleted the image in question, since what it does is install a kind of Recycle Bin on our Android smartphone, similar to how it happens with desktop operating systems. Until that bin is emptied, everything can be recovered without problems and without fear of overwriting any data.

How to recover deleted photos on your Android mobile

  • DiskDigger : This application has its advantages and disadvantages. As advantage , which is free and does not need root rights, such as inconveniences , that only recovers thumbnails and images cache, and that to be able to recover the photos in original quality if we need to be root and pay the Pro version.
  • DigDeep (Recover deleted images once we open the link): This application is free, it does not need to be root and allows you to recover images from memory internal and from our Micro-SD card , as a point against, a very simple interface and a lot of publicity, but still worth it.
  • Restore Image (Super Easy) : this application is free and does not require to be root, its capacity of recovery seems to be a little worse than the previous ones, but it has an interface with a lot of information about the photos that we can recover.

Remember that it is more than convenient that the photos that we recover are saved in a different unit where are stored the ones we want to recover, because if not, during the recovery process, we could erase or corrupt the data that we want to recover.

And as we told you at the beginning, the response time is vital , because everything that is stored in the memory of your device is capable of overwriting the data to recover. A good way to act would be to download the .apk of the application from a PC, put it in an external card and try to execute it from there, since this way we will make sure that the installation of the app does not erase anything, and if you do it in mode plane so that messaging applications do not write anything or download anything from Google Play, better than better.

We hope that this small tutorial will help you to recover deleted photos on your mobile. Luck.

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