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How to recover deleted contacts on Android and iPhone


Have you deleted a contact by mistake or intentionally and want to recover it? Gmail and iCloud are the answer to all the problems, since both services synchronize in the cloud the phone numbers stored in Android and iOS. This way you can Recover deleted contacts on Android and iPhone.

As long as you have made a backup copy, which is common because many terminals are automatically made in the background, you can recover deleted phone numbers of your smartphones.

Recover deleted contacts on Android

In Android gmail is your friend. Since a Google account is required to use the google operating system Gmail , it is opportune that you do not forget the credentials of the same one, because it is what will serve you for Recover deleted contacts on Android .

As long as you have not deleted the backup or manually the contact from your Gmail account, all you have to do is access the Adjustments of the phone, select the menu of Accounts and access information from Google. Click on the email account you have configured on your mobile and check that the function Synchronize contacts it’s activated.

Then you must go to the computer and access Gmail. In the drop-down menu on the left you can access the contacts stored under your Gmail credentials. To recover a deleted contact in Android, all you have to do is open the “More” tab and select the “Undo Changes” option. This is the place from which you can Recover contacts on Android by allowing you to undo the changes made from a certain period of time.

Recover deleted contacts on iPhone

iCloud also manages iPhone contacts in a similar way to what we have on Android with Gmail. If you have activated iCloud contact synchronization, it is very likely that contacts deleted from the iPhone are hosted on the iCloud account.

How to recover deleted contacts on Android and iPhone

How to recover deleted contacts on Android and iPhone

To recover deleted contacts from the iPhone you have to access iCloud and click on Contacts. You will see a preview of all the phone numbers and you can locate the deleted contacts. To add them back to your phone you must restore iPhone contacts through iCloud Accessing the cloud settings from the mobile and deactivating the contacts. Select Delete from my iPhone and re-open the app Contacts so that the numbers present in iCloud are synchronized.