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How to read WhatsApp messages without appearing online


We all know that among the WhatsApp settings There is an option that allows you to configure that nobody sees our online status. However, by checking this option, we can not see the last connection of our friends or find out if they have read our messages through the reading confirmation.

Fortunately, Google Play Store is flooded with applications that act as a complement to Whatsapp and allow adding functions to the instant messaging application that the platform itself has “capadas” in case. The perfect example we have in the possibility of read WhatsApp messages without appearing online , but without giving up to see the status of our contacts.

For this we tend to install the application Private Reading for WhatsApp , an app that we find in Google Play Store ready to download on our smartphone for free.

Download Private Reading for WhatsApp from the Google Play Store

Private Reading for WhatsApp

On more than one occasion, you have been interested in read WhatsApp messages without appearing online , either so that nobody finds out that you are available or because you prefer to ignore a contact, but you are invaded by the curiosity of knowing what it is that is sending you. The Private Reading application for WhatsApp allows you to read these messages and your contact can not see that you are inside the application. You will not even be able to find your last connection time, while you will have that possibility.

How to read WhatsApp messages without appearing online

It is a very simple application to use that allows you to read your WhatsApp messages privately without appearing online and without sending read receipts to senders. To be able to use the app all you have to do, after installing it, is to grant access to Android notifications. As of that moment the new received messages will not show reading notifications, at the same time that you will be able to read the messages without appearing online to. Of course, you can only read the messages, since if you answer you will reveal that you have read them. In addition to reading messages without appearing online in WhatsApp, the application also allows you to download the images that have been sent by the application chat or play the voice notes.

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