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A few weeks ago we showed you some of the news that would soon reach Whatsapp . The first one allowed recover a file that we have deleted from our phone only with access again to the chat for which they sent it to us. The second one warns of when a message has been forwarded, and is already active in the beta of the Android app .

The new update of the WhatsApp beta lets you know if someone has forwarded a message from you for a group or individual chat. It is something similar to what we had seen in other applications owned by the social network, such as Instagram notices when someone takes a screenshot within Instagram Stories. In this case, every time you receive a message that has been forwarded from another chat, you will be alerted about it.

Maybe at the time of forward messages by WhatsApp do not want your contacts to know that the image, video or text you are sharing is forwarded, so you should use one of the classic functions of Whatsapp and that few use, but that allows sharing content without the application being “chive”.

Prevent WhatsApp from alerting for forwarded messages

As you can see in the following screenshot, whether you forward a message, or if it is forwarded to you, Whatsapp shows the warning that this message is not “original” since it has been shared from another chat. If you look below, we have been able to forward a text without Whatsapp it is chive of its origin.

How to prevent WhatsApp from"chirping" when you re-send a message

How to prevent WhatsApp from"chirping" when you re-send a message

Prevent WhatsApp from “chirping” when you forward a message It is not too complicated, since we only have to use the copy and paste option that appears between the chat options. With so much icon, we may have lost sight of it, but simply hold down the text that we want to forward and then click on the 3 points from the upper right corner . This is where you will see the option of ” copy “That allows you to work on a text or file received, then paste it into the chat where you want to forward it.

In the new chat, click on the text entry field and select the option ” paste ” The message received in the previous conversation will be forwarded without the notice that it has been forwarded.