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How to prepare for Red Dead Redemption 2

Andrew Hoyle / CNETThe long-awaited Red Dead Redemption 2 hits consoles worldwide on October 26th and brings a large open…

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

The long-awaited Red Dead Redemption 2 hits consoles worldwide on October 26th and brings a large open world to exploring on a horse.

But dampens yourself in such a big game requires careful preparation. After all, you would not go on an Arctic expedition in a third-party suit, unless you do any kind of angry wave.

I fully prepared this to deal with this game. You do not need to follow the guide to the letter, just be aware that carefully ignoring my advice can spoil the gameplay for you. And you do not want it?

Take the gear

OK, let’s start with it obviously. It’s a brilliant game so you need some hardware to do it justice. Take a big 4K and HDR enabled telly and an Xbox One X ($ 460 on Amazon) or PS4 Pro that will be output at the same time. I use my 55-inch Cello QLED TV, which is not only sharp, but has beautiful colors thanks to HDR1

0 enabled . Lovely things.

Next, delete your audio. Under my TV is an Edifier S50 audio barrier that will take me into all sounds from the Old West to the point I think I ride beside them, afraid of being shot, being dysentery or being shot while you suffer Dysentery. It’s at least my hope.

It’s enough to say if you need recommendations for the best TVs or the best audio bars we’ve taken.

 mvimg-20181025-164008 "data-original =" = / 724x0 / 2018 / 10/25 / b4653c0a-7cb4-420d-b4a6-3af48f306f52 / mvimg-20181025 -164008.jpg


The better the sound, the better time you will have.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Do not forget to actually purchase the game . Just budget some serious time to download or install – it’s an almost 100 GB monster.

Make Your Excuses

When the game lands, you want to invest a solid day in it right away. I booked Friday and Monday of work to give me a full four days to play the game. Your work may not be as accommodating as mine (thank you guys!) But try and at least keep the whole weekend free.

Planning to hang out with friends? Cancel – The game will give you new friends. And a horse . Agreed to help a colleague move house? That guy is always free from you, do not activate that kind of behavior. It’s time he stumped the cash to rent some real movers.

A quick message about “An International Ambassador Requires My Help” should be enough to please everyone who awaited you somewhere and will certainly not lead to follow-up questions, so do not worry about it for a second.

Arrange your room

Now that you have your TV in, make sure you have a good seat in front of it. Do not be too far away or you will lose some of the thoughtful, cinematic feeling. Also do not sit at a strange angle. Do not be afraid to move your furniture around and just tell your husband / house parents / parents I said it’s good.

 mvimg-20181025-164709 "data-original =" -164709.jpg


Do not judge me. This camping chair feels good on the back and keeps my beer and can easily be stored in the cupboard when I finish the game in five years.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Now I know this is trashy, but I’ve actually taken a folding camping armchair to play the game. Forget how bad it looks, this thing gently rockes the hammer for longer hours of gameplay and even better, comes with a drink holder in the armrest. Being a camping chair makes it easier to pretend I’m really sitting around campfire with the gang. I do not remember John Marston as relaxing in the big plain on a three-seater sofa.

I was sure to close the windows blinds. I want to be completely immersed in the game and not thinking about the outside world and all the fun people have outdoor with their loved ones acquaintances so that they physically block them look like a good tactic. Also, there is no glare that shines on the TV and destroys the beautiful graphics.

Collect Your Food

You still have to eat while playing the game according to my doctor. The nourishment of the screen is not enough to keep an adult human male living for a long time. Although I’m waiting for a second opinion.

So what should you prepare for a Red Dead 2 weekend? For me the choice was obvious; a giant long-boiled beef chili. Certainly, it’s just the food that the RD2 protagonist Arthur Morgan would make up for the gang and serve it I would surely be a winning smile and some compliments for his fellow men (“Delightful shirt, friend, make sure you do not” t rinse any of this delicious, long-boiled beef chili on it! “).

 mvimg-20181025-164848" data-original = " 724x0 / 2018 / 10/25 / 7cf83f0d-dffc-44eb-8b98-6c504cce790e / mvimg-20181025-164848.jpg


Cooking low and slow. This will only be broken later. ] Andrew Hoyle / CNET

It’s easy to do too: Take a big bite of beef, smash the outside and chop into a slow cookie with chopped tomatoes, beef, diced red and yellow peppers, garlic, garlic and a variety of spices. I also popped a little butternut squash in. Let it cook for 8 hours or so and then fry the beef before moving it all back together. Serve with tortilla chips and sour cream. I whip up some corn bread too, although I write this before I’ve done it so it may well be a disaster. If you want the full recipe for all this, hit me on Twitter.

I also have some Maryland cakes – for America – and a selection box of Goose Island Beer, because they were the only ones in my local store in London actually brewed in the United States. They are therefore exactly what people should drink in the Old West, as far as I was concerned, that I had only been in the United States (Florida) once when I was 4 years old.

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After all, you need to take some time. Leave your house and take the time to say your short farewell to the real nature, as it will be time before you see it again. Go to your nearest park and take it all in. I took the bus along the way to a large hedelands area and for a while I imagined I was a cowboy. A cowboy who plays Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes on his iPhone ($ 1,115 at Amazon Marketplace) while listening to podcasts. This kind of cowboy.

It helped me to make myself used to wide wetlands, to the sound of the wind and the noise of the Jumbojets flying over the head from Stansted Airport – not everyone is guaranteed to appear in the game.

 mvimg-20181025-150104 "data-original =" -150104.jpg


I sat under this tree until I realized that I really understood how it should have been to live a life out in the wilderness. I was there for several minutes.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

The second advantage is of course that you get a good exercise and stretch these muscles before spending the next few days, barely moving them. Sure, you have to sip back and forth to the fridge and the toilet (the beer, the man) but it will not work from the chilli’s wealth, so make sure you’re ready for the challenge.


If you have selected everything on this list you are a real hero and I can not help you prepare for what Red Dead 2 has for you. It’s up to you now, old chum, so sit back, fill your belly with chili and get into what I hope will be a wonderful trip.

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