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How to pay with your mobile with any bank app by NFC

770 The NFC is something that is beginning to stop being something exclusive of the high range, and yesterday we…


The NFC is something that is beginning to stop being something exclusive of the high range, and yesterday we saw as the Nokia 3.1 incorporated this wireless chip , despite its cost of 130 euros. Samsung has its own payment platform (Samsung Pay), but that does not mean that other smartphones with NFC can not use it to make payments. If you want to know how to pay with your mobile , you just have to follow this simple tutorial.

First of all we must bear in mind that not only are we limited by the hardware of our smartphone, but the first requirement is that our bank has a application that allows payments to be made the mobile. First of all, this tutorial is only for Android smartphones , since Apple uses a different system.

Payments with the mobile in La Caixa, BBVA, Bankia and Banco Santander

We have been taking a look through Google Play and we have found out that these 4 banks have a specific application to make payments with the mobile. We can not assure you that there are no other banks that also allow it, so if you are not a user of these other banks, do not hesitate ask in your nearest office for a compatible application, since the payment dynamic is identical once we have configured the app.

You should also bear in mind that although they are becoming more common, not all stores and establishments have a Payment terminal compatible with NFC , so in that case you will have no choice but to use the “classic” credit or debit card.

Once the above has been clarified, we show you the steps to follow:

1. Install a compatible payment application.

In the case of the mentioned banks, we have these 4 applications that we now link:

The operation of these 4 applications is quite similar and what you will have to do will be enter your credit card information so that from that moment it is the NFC chip of your smartphone that is responsible for transmitting the payment data. You should also have confirmed your number of phone.

2.Configure your Android smartphone

To pay with your mobile phone, it is not enough to have a properly configured bank application, as we will also have to “tune up” our smartphone.

For this we will address the Android settings / Device connection / NFC. Once there we will make sure to have activated the NFC chip, although many smartphones also include a quick shortcut or the possibility of adding it to the quick settings of Android, which will save us having to navigate through the settings.

Within the NFC configuration of our smartphone we will see a section called “Touch and pay” (Click and pay on Samsung smartphones with Oreo) that will let us choose our default payment application , as you will intuit there, we will select our bank application. If we have accounts in several banks and several applications, we must make sure that the correct app is configured before making the payment.

These adjustments can change slightly depending on the brand of the device and may in some cases be offered to pay with Google Pay, Samsung Pay or any other proprietary platform, but you will always be given the possibility to use your bank’s application.

Some last notes that you should keep in mind

And finally, you must know that to pay with your mobile we must have an Android version equal to or greater than Android 4.4 and that custom ROMs rarely work, and even rooting the mobile can cause problems in many cases.

To make the payment we will only have to bring the phone to the POS. It is easy to recognize the terminals compatible with this form of payment because they include a logo with waves and a hand passing a card over it.

How to pay with your mobile with any bank app by NFC

Once the merchant has entered the amount of our purchase, we will only have to bring the unlocked mobile to the terminal of payment to make the payment.

If the purchase is less than 20 euros it will not be necessary to enter the pin of your card (although the banks allow you to change this limit), otherwise, we must introduce it, so in case of theft of your smartphone, it will be necessary to know at least the pin of the mobile and if is for purchases of more than 20 euros, both keys will be necessary, which hinders a fraudulent use of the service.

Hopefully this small tutorial to pay with your mobile phone has been helpful.

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