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That the calls in a group will reach WhatsApp it was about time. This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg at the beginning of the year and that’s how it started happening a couple of weeks ago, when we informed that several users could already make group calls on Android with the messaging app. Now this possibility is extended to a greater number of customers of Whatsapp .

The feature had already been discovered in countless leaks and code exams of the app. In the last days, the first ones began to appear video calls in WhatsApp group in the Android beta, although some iOS users claimed that they had also been able to keep video calls between several contacts at once. Unfortunately, only a few are having the opportunity to try this new function of Whatsapp , as it is coming in the form of server update.

That is why, although you have the beta version of WhatsApp 2.18.162, you may not be able to do group video calls on WhatsApp , although it is expected that throughout this week the new tool is enabled for the “common of mortals”.

How to make group video calls on WhatsApp

For do group video calls on WhatsApp there is no default icon or button for it. You can not even access a group of the application to run this new tool. What you have to do, as long as the function has been enabled in your version of Whatsapp is the next:

  • Make a video call to any contact you want to share in the group video call
  • When you are on the call with that contact, you can touch the add contact icon that now appears in the upper right corner of the screen
  • A new screen with your contact list will open to invite those you want to the running video call.

How to make group video calls on WhatsApp

How to make group video calls on WhatsApp

In addition to doing group video calls , you can also be invited to them. In this case, when you receive a call where two or more people participate, you will see the profile images and the names of the people who participate in it before joining the chat.

This new way of doing calls and group video calls It works in both directions, that is, for voice calls and video calls. Of course we recommend that before starting a video call or group call in Whatsapp , you are connected to a Wi-Fi network so that data consumption does not trigger.