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How To Lose Weight Faster

Once you have decided to take responsibility for your size and lose some weight, the next thing that comes to…

Once you have decided to take responsibility for your size and lose some weight, the next thing that comes to mind is how long will it take and how can I make this phase faster. You might be concerned about the speed and effectiveness of your weight loss phase for some reasons; the most probable is self-encouragement, as seeing significant results in a short while will spur you to do even more and more.

Another reason is probably just to show off and let everyone know you can do it. Whatever the reason, it is important that you keep in mind that weight loss is not an instant process’. Although, most people spend more time on workouts and gym sessions, there are still many things you can do outside of that. Changing your lifestyle in some aspects can boost your weight loss. Now that we have said all of that, here are a few tips tested and trusted for faster weight loss.

1. Exercise And Workouts

Well, you could have guessed it. Exercises and workouts are top of the list as nothing really comes close to physical activity when it comes to weight loss. Register at a local gym and get a personal trainer if need be; you should look for someone who obviously practices what they preach, having the right body and having a couple of people who can testify first-hand about his performance.

If you cannot hire a personal trainer, make sure you do enough research or speak to other gym users about the best type of activities for your body and fitness goals. To make your workout results come faster, stick to your plan and never miss a session. Additional tricks involves incorporating small, basic but efficient exercises into your lifestyle. You could decide to move to the top floor to make sure you get a fair share of staircase climbs daily. If you are heading some blocks down the road, you can decide to leave your car back at home.

To make it even more fun, you can play fitness games on your consoles such as the Xbox Kinect or PlayStation move; tag an online friend for a sporting round of tennis, boxing, and other sweat-producing affairs and see you shed more than your fellow weight losers that have kept the gym as their only option.

2. Food And Diet

Another efficient way for weight loss is to watch your foods and eating habits. Dieting can be a step in the right direction; stock yourself up with low-calorie foods, higher protein intake and lower fat and oil intakes. Remember that eating less food and eating healthy are two different thing. In fact, going on starvation may slow down body development.

This sounds counter intuitive? Probably, but when the body is exposed to hunger, the stress hormone cortisol is secreted, the stress can trigger severe hunger pangs and may so mean that once you get a chance to eat, you might overdo it. Ensure to take breakfast and eat from time to time, every three hours after intense workouts.

3. Have A Positive Attitude

Whoever being forced to workout and lose weight should not do it because of the external pressure. Instead, you should put some thought to it and draw your motivation from within, doing it for yourself and not for the satisfaction of other people. This is the first step to guaranteeing that you will see your plan all the way. Negativity is certain to kill morale even before you begin.

It is thus required that you stay in a positive mental frame. If you feel a little less motivated working out from home, join a group fitness class to raise your spirits. Depression is also a serious thing to do away with. Not only do depressed people wallow and lazy about. They tend to eat too. If you already feel motivated, you will never see anything as a hurdle and you will tend to push yourself further than the lot, testing your limits and even motivating others to do the same.

A good mental state also keeps dopamine and testosterone levels very high, keeping your body energetic and confident. This consequently means that you will have a higher metabolic rate and mental motivation to not only see your plan to completion but adopt a fit lifestyle till you kick the bucket.

4. Food Supplements

There are a lot of magical promises and fairy tales you will hear from food supplements and pills. If you however, find the right one, preferably recommended by a dietician and Nutritionist, it can be of great help in speeding up weight loss. Several food supplements have a very good capabilities for weight loss, fat burning and reduced fat absorption.

Get food supplements that can work around your diet and stick to the pills. It is, however, important to iterate that even supplements as the name implies are to further help your physical exercises and weight loss plan.


We can say it is not outside the realm of possibility to achieve fast results during weight loss. However, striking a balance between mental readiness and the right physical activity is important to make sure that your body gets more lose more weight than it normally will. Sleep is also an important factor as muscle-building and development take place during this period. Again, these are not miracle-worker tips, but sticking to them guarantees higher results in your weight-losing periods.

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