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How to know if your Facebook profile has been used by Cambridge Analytica

They say that leaving Facebook is good for your health , and it eliminates stress and anxiety by making you…

They say that leaving Facebook is good for your health , and it eliminates stress and anxiety by making you a little happier. An affirmation that a few months ago would have seemed at least silly, like today is not so much, and is that the Cambridge Analytica scandal has left very touched to the popular social network property of Mark Zuckerberg.

The truth is Facebook is already investigated by the competent authorities in Spain , that investigate the use and leaks of private data, and even the bad news multiplies after the departure of the company from an industry icon as Steve Wozniak *, who is also stating that ** on Facebook “You are the product” .

A fire that will be difficult to turn off no matter how hard it is to learn the lesson , is that Californians have already recognized that almost the entire Facebook user base is affected to a greater or lesser extent, at least in its majority the North American users.

In fact, and if you want numbers of a problem that will take Zuckerberg before the Senate and the House of Representatives, more than 87 million people They have suffered the theft of their private data, with the United States, the Philippines, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and Mexico at the head, although Facebook has already implemented a lot of changes to prevent that from happening again.


But … how will I know then if I am one of those affected by the ‘Facebookgate’ ?

Knowing if the scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has affected you is very simple, and is that The social network has already started an informative process in the form of notifications that appear at the top of your feed of news on Facebook.

In this regard, and as he tells us Phonearena , will suffice pay attention to the notification to confirm if they have used your personal information or not, because this will be different in the two possible cases.

If Cambridge Associates obtained information from your profile the notification will tell you that Facebook has banned a site called “This Is Your Digital Life” because he shared his Facebook information with Cambridge Analytica without permission. This message also includes a link that will show you how you have been affected and it will explain to you where your personal data has gone.

On the contrary, if your profile was not shared you will be offered information about the new features of Facebook that allow control which applications have access to your data . Here we show you both notifications, on the left the one received by the unaffected, and on the right the one that will be seen by those affected by the famous ‘Facebookgate’ :


We have not yet seen the end of this story …

From the social network they have not been quiet, and looking to clean your image As soon as possible, they also report that the company specializing in data analysis has been banned CubeYou for handling incorrectly the personal data received by personality questionnaires, as well as the Canadian company AggregateIQ for being under investigation by the authorities of the Government of Canada.

Many movements by a Facebook that will have no choice but to continue weathering the storm under an intense barrage of criticism and a huge number of casualties that include people as popular as Elon Musk and its companies. The #DeleteFacebook movement it only wins followers.

No doubt a major problem that seems to have no end and which we have not seen the last chapter. At the moment it is necessary to lower our heads and learn, because in the world in which we live we have already seen by active and passive that information is everything. Take care of yours …

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