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How to Keep the Love Sparkle Alive

Do you miss the old days when your relationship was just beginning? I bet you do, as that phase is…

Do you miss the old days when your relationship was just beginning? I bet you do, as that phase is filled with love, passion and intimacy, and now, the love is still there yet things are a bit cold and need to be stirred up a little bit to keep the passion burning.

Well, don’t worry as we brought you some tips to keep that sparkle alive.

Complement each other at all times

Whether you’re alone or with friends, be generous with expressing how you feel about each other and keep in mind that complements shouldn’t only be about looks and appearances, speak of professional and personal successes, like complementing your partners for being great parents, good cooks or the best among their colleagues, and make sure that you speak with pride of your partner’s achievements as that strengthens the spark between you.

Make your spouse your best friend

Your spouses are your family, life and house partners, sometimes they’re your partners at work as well, so they’d better be your best friends as well, as no one knows you as well as they do, and they’ll probably offer you the best advice when you’re dealing with any situation, being your spouse’s best friend will make the two of you closer to each other and will keep the love going strong.

Love your spouse the way they want to be loved

Don’t improvise on your anniversary, and I mean by that, don’t plan as you like things to be, consider what your spouse would love well and pick a present they’d appreciate, do things that would make life easier for them and before you take any actions, think about what they love and what makes them happy.

Express your love

Do not hesitate expressing your love whenever you can, even by simply saying the words “I love you” and make that into a daily habit, putting love letters in their pockets, or on the fridge, or even surprise them with a gift for a no reason, and keep in mind that the best way to show love is by expressing, as you should make sure your partners know exactly how much they mean to you and how important they are in your lives.

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