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How to improve the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

554 He Samsung Galaxy S9 It is one of the best devices of the year, both for its excellent screen…


He Samsung Galaxy S9 It is one of the best devices of the year, both for its excellent screen and its performance. But if there’s something that Samsung has been highlighting for a year now, it’s in the quality of the cameras of their smartphones, which since the Galaxy S6 have always been among the best in the sector. If by chance the quality offered by this device is not enough, we will show you how to improve the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus .

The process that we are going to show you next is not especially complicated, but it does require that you meet certain requirements. The first one is to have the Rooted device and the second thing that we have to take into account is that it only works for those models with SoC Exynos , although luckily, this is the processor that comes by default in the models sold in Europe, so we will not have any problem with this requirement, although it never hurts to check it with some type application CPU-Z .

Camera Mod S9: improving the camera of the Galaxy S9 is possible

If you are a sybarite of photography and want to improve your shots a bit more and leave your friends open-mouthed, it is very easy to do it with (Zero) Camera Mod S9 , an application that is also available in the form of zip flasheable , although the latter requires somewhat more advanced knowledge and eliminates some of the configuration options that are included in the application.

This application is the work of one of the most prominent members of XDA, a developer called zeroprobe , which has managed to improve quality of both photography as of the videos taken with the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, eliminating some of its most important restrictions.

This is how we can improve the Galaxy S9 camera:

  • Increase the bitrate of any type of video up to 30% : works for 4K60, 4K, QHD, 1080p60, Slow Motion and supposes more consistent and higher quality videos.
  • General increase in quality of JPG photographs in normal mode and burst.
  • Suppression of time limit for 4K / QHD / 1080p60 videos.
  • Autofocus with tracking in all video modes, including 4K / QHD / 1080p60.
  • Install the latest revision of the Samsung camera app.
  • Remove the size limit of 4 GB.
  • It allows to apply custom bitrates.
  • It allows to adjust the bitrate in the modes 1080p, 18: 5: 9, 720p.
  • Suppression of time limit on opening the shutter of 10 seconds.
  • It allows us to open the photographs with custom galleries
  • Includes optional Magisk module

In short, an application that allows us to remove all the limitations that Samsung usually includes to control the consumption of storage by the photographs or the expenditure of battery, and that unleashes the full potential of the camera / s of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its processor Exynos. Here are a couple of examples with the function of increasing shutter opening time :

One last warning, Camera Mod S9 is a paid application and has a cost of 4.09 euros , but we believe that it is a fair price and that it is very worthwhile. Is it ever good to support the developer community, no?

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