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How to get rid of hair loose with natural remedies

Transfer of head lice among infants and children is common and is often the result of close and frequent head…

Transfer of head lice among infants and children is common and is often the result of close and frequent head or hair contact. Toys, furniture, carpets and clothes can all offer temporary habitats to lice jumping on a child if the chance arises – giving the headlice the ability to transfer and enjoy.

But while schools and parents often talk about “head lice eruptions” the reality is that people have had headaches that live on them for thousands of years. And they were so common in the past that almost every family was in possession of a special comb to remove and keep them under control or in low numbers.

Our ancestors produced these fine chambers with different materials, including bones, wood and even cactus sticks, to allow a minimum space between the combs teeth to remove lice. And because the majority of the people in society had headaches &#821

1; not just infants – these cams were the most important or only tools used to brush or brush hair.

The fact is in Poland in the 17th century a haircut called ” plica Polonica ” or Polish braid, was quite modern. The style, similar to a matte mass of hair formed as a result of neglect – often combined with a hard lice attachment – would be tacky and moist.

The Head Lice Science

The lice leak cycle begins when a female lice puts eggs attached to the hair by sticking them at the root end. The lice produces a very strong cement-like substance to do this.

The location of the newly delivered egg (called nit) is about 5 mm from the scalp. This distance can not be changed, or the embryo will not develop, because the temperature will not be correct.

During development, nits follow a certain temperature control, a slightly decreasing temperature rise as the hair grows and the nasal becomes more and more distant from the scalp. So the nasal that is closest to the scalp is the last one on the hair – and the chance is that they are healthy living embryos. Those that fit more than two centimeters away from the scalp look very obvious, with a whitish reflection.

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How to get rid of them

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