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“How to get away with murder”: Season 5, Episode 8

Here we go, it's time for the winter finals How to get away with murder in an episode that will…

Here we go, it’s time for the winter finals How to get away with murder in an episode that will see both the long-awaited Coliver wedding and a bloody bruise. Season 5 has been the strongest season of the show since its very first – a continuous train of revelations and a review of the corrupt prison system, all striking against the explosive final of the evening.

We open back where we started with a figure that bleeds in the snow. The dripping blood shifts quickly to Gabriel, cutting while shaving – Laurel, Bonnie and Frank are watching from their surveillance camera. Laurel wants to tell Michaela the truth about him, but Bonnie says it could put everyone in danger. Frank needs to find out what Gabriel wants and everyone else needs to stay in the dark to keep them safe. Including the audience, apparently.

Oliver and Connor feel the love the night before their wedding. Oliver’s mom gives a hearty speech about how Oliver gives her whole heart to those he loves and how Connor does it in return. Connor’s father, who came through and paid for the wedding, is also available &#821

1; but he can not speak without digging in Connor’s wet face. One moment just got worse when Connor’s mom pointed to her ex-husband aside to say, “Here you hope you have a much happier marriage than we did.” See what you have to look forward to still single children of divorced parents?

Laurel returns late and gives Michaela shit to take Gabriel as her plus one. At the same time, we see the seeds from Asher’s parking lot rendezvous with Connor’s mother planted when taking her champagne, and she deplores the end of her hopes that Connor would retire with her to Boca. Oliver continues to avoid Connor’s dad, and Jefferson wants everyone to talk it out – but Connor insists that his dad does not make Oliver’s special day all about him.

Back to Annalize’s new tombs, she and Nate dig in paperwork to take down the governor of Nate Seniors murder. Nate wants Bonnie to get the name Miller’s contact who ordered her father’s transfer. She wants him to ask, but he left his job at DA’s office. Annalize wants them to continue fighting, but not until Bonnie let it go that the fall and his father’s death has driven Annalize to drink again.

Michaela will not let this case rest and cancel Oliver and Connor’s wedding anniversary to make Oliver chase the guardian’s phone record. He commits himself and she goes to Nate with them. The caretaker phoned from an unlisted number and then called his Chief Corrector. Nate is upset by her involvement, but he takes the phone posts to a private investigator in a parking garage and asks her to look at them.

Annalize refuses to come to the wedding, so Connor shows up on the threshold to claim she participates. She complains she is not good at weddings, even her wedding to Sam was a rush job at the tingshuset. She was the second woman and Sam had already had her white wedding. But Connor will not take no for a reply, because if it were not for Annalize to insist Connor seduces Oliver and make him hack records for her, they would never have met and fall in love.

Bonnie dresses at the wedding and Frank will spend time looking for Gabriel’s apartment again. Miller will leave with Bonnie, and she is surprised that he did not tell Nate to quit. The two get into an argument and Miller says he feels he’s in a love triangle with Annalize – nailed it, bro. He wants to marry Bonnie, but not if she always puts Annalize in front of him. He insists Annalize takes advantage of her and her “problem”. It was by no means the right thing to say.

Back to church, Connor and Oliver are ready to go down the hall. Connor sweats and freaks out but Michaela calms him and tells him that this marriage will make him a better person. Michaela and Asher share a moment when he fixes his zipper and calls her on kissing Gabriel and says he feels he’s never good enough.

But there is no time to dig in that statement because the music is playing and everyone goes down the hall. We see the walk from Connor’s point of view as unscrupulous music plays. He fights when he takes in all the happy faces that greet him, including Annalize! He makes it to the altar and tells Oliver it will be fun. Bonnie runs late without Miller and tells Annalize, he was called to work.

Connor and Oliver change promises. And they are perhaps the cleanest, most kind, beautiful thing this show ever made. Oliver grows about her lifelong dreams of a white wedding. “My dream was not the wedding or Tux or Brian Adams, my dream was you,” he told Connor. And in turn, Connor answers a speech about Oliver, which means he wants normalism. “I want to love you until the day I die,” he promises. Which, on this show, may not be that long. Annalize can not take good luck and love and fly to the bathroom to drink from a flask while Connor and Oliver change rings.

At the reception, Annalize is visibly full in the answers to Connor’s parents (although Walsh deserves her entire attitude). Laurel wants Frank to take out Gabriel tonight so they can use the wedding as an alibi who sends Bonnie spiral. Annalize does not do too hot either, sitting alone in church drinking. Gabriel walks in to her and does not let her pass. He calls her out that she drinks and lets her drop her handbag and reveal her flask. He seems frank when he tells his mother to wait for a long time to get help and he does not want Annalize to stop like her. But he is not honest, right? At least not based on what Frank finds in his apartment – a lot of money, a hidden key and a key belonging to which contains Gabriel’s birth certificate.

Annalize and Nate dance, who tips him for drinking. Can not a woman just have a good time at a wedding ?! Michaela wants to know if he found out who called the janitor, who comes as news to Bonnie. Nate tells them to keep their mouth shut when he calls a call from his PI who has tracked the unlisted call to the caretaker of a phone. She has sent him an email with more information.

Mr. Walsh interrupts Oliver’s wonderful dance with his mother, wondering half, while insisting that he must now protect Connor from his own worst instincts. And the price for this year’s worst dad goes to …. Oliver stops going out because his dad is a video calling him. Meanwhile, Laurel Christopher leaves with Oliver’s mom, and Bonnie continues to freak out.

Finally, we’ve taken up the real time of the flash-forward we’ve witnessed throughout the season. Frank is there, Annalize shows her birth certificate and gets dressed. She storms out in the snow. We are back outside where Christopher cries and Bonnie chooses the unknown victim – which turns out to be DA Miller, including the love of Bonnie’s life. OH. MY. GOD.

We will return to the rest of the conversation in her apartment. Miller continued to track Annalize and demanded she was not a good person. Bonnie can not help playing conversations with Annalize where her mentor insisted Miller played Bonnie. He wants to protect her from Annalize, but Bonnie puts together pieces that he had a friend at the governor’s office. She says he attacked the person who is most important to her (suck, Bonnie, you may have to let Annalize go sometime) and she does not want him to go to the wedding with her.

Back to the wedding, Miller obeyed Bonnie’s wishes and after waiting for an engagement ring in his car, he comes out to confront her. He promises his love, but she turns him and insists he had killed Nate’s father – that’s what all the pieces point to. He denies it, but she tells him that he will never touch her again. He returns to his car but decides to go after Bonnie again and that’s his fatal mistake – because it’s in the parking lot Nate with evidence from PI, a photograph showing that Miller is the one who called the phone call to the trustee that day.

Nate and Miller argue, with Nate insisting the persecution was just to cover his track and Miller denies everything. Injury of his father’s death flies Nate of the handles and strikes Miller in his face, goes into an uncontrolled rage and a desire to make Miller feel the pain his father felt. It’s a heartfelt moment and looks at Nate’s release at Miller in exactly the same way that deserves his father’s imprisonment in the heart of all this. He strikes Miller until he is a bloody, barely aware mass, and Nate is sobbed when he realizes what he’s done.

Bonnie sees a trace of blood in the snow and continues to whisper “Oh God, no” over and over again. She finds Miller’s body and Nate calls her from the trees. He tells her that Miller called the trustee and showed her the photo. Nate is still hysterical, bragging Miller to murder his dad. It’s too much for Bonnie to wear, but she does what she thinks she needs and smiles Miller to death.

Everything else is a red herring. Christopher was in the snow because Bonnie was saddled with him when they played Mrs. Hamptons song; Oliver was missing because he was in the phone with his dad – but the search for him led Connor to discover his mother in flagrante delicto with Asher. Oliver has been found, and Connor walks in to discover Oliver who prepares to make a big gesture, John Legends sings “All Me” to Connor instead of a first dance.

Conrad Ricamora is a highly talented Broadway practitioner, and it’s so amazing to see the show give him this place to sing. He has a stellar voice and allows the song to be a vulnerability and depth that makes the end of the final play very heartbreaking. Connor is watching, his eyes are full of love for his husband, the wedding guests who are all unaware of the horrors that happen around them.

The song and its message of immortal love play ghostly about Bonnie who sucks by delivering her death blow to Miller. Nate then tries to cover the blood in the snow and stashes Miller’s body in the luggage of his car – and detects the engagement ring that was in the Miller pocket. Bonnie returns inside to find Asher staring wistfully at Michaela during the love song. Bonnie insists that nothing is wrong. Laurel is concerned about Gabriel’s residence.

Annalize has left the wedding early and has to use a hidden key to enter her apartment because she can not find her own. She is lying on the floor in her apartment, crying and full when she hears the floor crate. She could not find her key because Gabriel took it when she dropped her handbag. He is threatening in her hall and tries to play it, but she tells her the jig is up – she knows who he is. And finally his identity is revealed. Blinking back to the wedding, Frank tells her Gabriel is Sams son. We see the birth certificate and Sam Keating is listed as the father, while Vivian Maddox, Sam’s first wife, as it turns out, is the mother. She stares at Gabriel and his enigmatic face shifts to a disturbing close-up of a smiling Sam.

And there we are, Miller is dead and Gabriel, Sam’s children may be outraged by “the other woman” who broke up his family. What do you think? Is Miller really a bad guy? Or did Nate and Bonnie take down the wrong person? Will Nate tell Bonnie about the engagement ring? What does Gabriel really want? And is he generally attached to the mysterious assumption that is the governor’s leverage against Annalize? Listen to the comments or look up @ themaureenlee .

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