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How to get a profit from losing the lottery game

You can win a lottery loser because your ticket will give you an active bet in the game "What about?"…

You can win a lottery loser because your ticket will give you an active bet in the game “What about?” That every person who only plays the big jackpots should be engaged.

Your Funds

Mega Million’s huge jackpot was the big economic headline for the past week.

The title of the story in your home, however, is different. It reads like this:

You did not win the big lottery. Again.

With all the help, check the winning numbers again. Get excited about the jackpot being transferred &#821

1; which means that an even bigger fortune is up for a few days – but you will not win the next big drawing either. It takes many losers to make the jackpot grow so big.

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However, you can win from being a lottery loser because your ticket will give you an active bet in the game “What if?” That every person who only plays the big jackpots should be involved in.

When it comes to “What’s up?” Do not you need to be “to win it.” I have never bought a lottery ticket because I know the odds and do not like throwing money away. I have engaged in what-about games based on big jackpots, but acknowledge that lottery players are likely to get a bit more exciting because of the little chance of their whats being right.

The good news of your lottery prize this week is that your life story will not be the next horror story about a jackpot winner who is driving his way to a new low standard for personal and financial destruction.

What all those winners / losers could benefit from was a good game of lottery-fueled “What Happens?”

Suppose you never win a ten-prize-even if you count spaces to the right of the decimal-there’s a chance you’ll get into a bit of money somewhere, somehow.

Your sudden money can be a legacy, a lump sum distribution, an annual bonus, a lucrative overtime tradition, a pension fund’s “incentive” from your employer with the right time to start a new job or sido play, a surprise chance to get extra work / pay. [19659004] How to get money is less important than what can change and upgrade your financial life.

Too many people tell stories of destroying their turn by being wasted or extravagant at first redundancy, just to learn that their falloff will not go as far as they thought, especially when they did not start spending the money for what The most wanted to achieve it.

What about betting around a lottery jackpot is a form of self-control that can have a positive effect on your daily decision-making, even if your ship never comes in.

Potential Changes

The process is simple. List as many possible changes as you would like to finish this statement:

“If I had won the lottery play, I would have used some of the money for …”

Your answers may include things like “finish my job” , pay off credit cards and / or mortgage loans, secure college education for the children and / or grandchildren, add retirement savings until it is absolutely certain, donate to a charity, help the family, buy a dream house or car or take the fantasy ride, start a business or buy a franchise and more.

Add to the list as if you had the entire Mega Millions jackpot to spend; When you run out of things to add, it’s time to bring reality back into the equation and set priorities.

Buying new cars to your granddaughters and nieces, for example, is not a high priority for securing retirement. [19659004] Determine which things come first and which are of minor importance. Consider how your list changes if you had to hand out the big prize, then if you won $ 1 million to choose the five regular balls correctly, what was your $ 10,000 winning all the way down to what you should do with an extra pair of grand.

The result is an economic wish list of your dreams and wishes and ability to achieve or contribute to those ranked in priority order.

It’s useful, even if you never win a jackpot.

If zero debt could be your first move after collecting lottery profits, that should probably be the first in your daily financial planning. Therefore, if you earn a little extra income and can reduce the debt and some of the stress that it adds to your life, that’s where you can spend the most of the money you receive from personal falls.

You are more likely to achieve your wish list conventionally – cut expenses or stay on a budget – than to hit the jackpot, but you work in the same economic destination in any way.

And as long as you play “what about lotto”, consider your losses as well. 19659004] The over $ 70 billion that is spent on lotteries annually in the United States cools to more than $ 300 a year per adult nationwide. Since lottery players are regular spenderers, think about what happens if ticket purchases are limited.

Set $ ​​50 a month for the next 30 years and, based on the stock market’s historical return, you’ll get away with a jackpot of more than $ 125,000. It will not feel like a jackpot, but consider the winnings you get from not playing the lottery at all.

Also, remember that in the rare weeks when the lottery becomes the focus of each newsletter, it is good to pay tribute to the imagination. But the more important what-if-ask that everyone than the big winner has to answer in his financial life is “What happens if I never win the lottery?”

Plan for that result, for this week, again proved that it is probably what you will live with.

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