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How to get 2 months of Spotify Premium free


Spotify is the most popular streaming music service that exists, and it will not be because Google, Apple and Amazon does not try to snatch that position with all his strength. Spotify has the merit of having popularized in the first place and if we also tell you how to get Spotify Premium free for a couple of months, surely you do not hesitate to give it a try.

Even though Spotify has a fairly high monthly cost of 9.99 euros per month for individual accounts and 14.99 euros a month for family accounts (up to 6 people), we know that many of you do not want to pay the fee, either because you do not intend to use the service much and it does not compensate you, because you do not want to have more expenses or simply because you want to try it before deciding whether or not you deserve the jump to a paid subscription.

If you recognize yourself in any of the above assumptions, it is to you who is directed this offer and we show you how to take advantage of it. It is very simple.

Spotify Premium free for 2 months: easier impossible.

How to get 2 months of Spotify Premium free

Not that Spotify has decided to extend its free trial period from one month to two months, is that until next June 30 This platform offers us the possibility of enjoying 3 months of premium service for a price of 0.99 euros, something they have done with the intention of attracting a greater number of users, who after spending three months listening to music without cuts or advertising, will not want to return to a free account.

But whoever makes the law makes the trap, and the truth is that although 0.99 euros is a more than attractive amount to enjoy 3 months of Spotify Premium , we can also choose not to pay anything and enjoy Spotify Premium for a couple of months.

How to get 2 months of Spotify Premium free

How to get 2 months of Spotify Premium free

To have all the music imaginable on your smartphone or tablet for a couple of months and not drop a penny, we just have to follow these steps:

  • 1. Create an account with an email address that you have never used for Spotify or any previous promotion.
  • 2. Enjoy Spotify premium free for two months without paying a single euro.
  • 3. Before the end of the second month, go to the Spotify Premium account settings and cancel your Premium subscription, you will continue to enjoy the remainder of the second month and have not charged a single cent on your bill.

As you can imagine, this promotion could continue taking advantage of creating new email accounts for the occasion, which is why Spotify limits it until June 30, after which, the offer will no longer be valid and we assume that we will return to the old Spotify Premium promotion for free for a month.