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How To Do Red Dead 2's Most Gruesome Side Mission

As you explore Red Dead Redemption 2's vast open world, you'll come across a lot of interesting (and slightly disturbing)…

As you explore Red Dead Redemption 2’s vast open world, you’ll come across a lot of interesting (and slightly disturbing) things. Sometimes it’s a wailing snake-bite victim in need of assistance; other times, it’s a creepy abandoned building with a story to tell. But there’s one set of chance encounters more gruesome than the rest, and once you find the first, you’ll be on the lookout for a very messed-up serial killer.

You’ll probably find the first murder scene early in the game. Mens de andre to mordofrene er et stykke af en tur fra åbningsområderne, kan du finde dem til enhver tid så længe du kan frit roam på kortet. For this guide, we’ve kept location spoilers to a minimum and all the screenshots are from an early save with little unlocked &#821

1; so no worries if you want to play detective for a bit before you really into the rest of the game. Of course, this does contain spoilers for the American Dreams Stranger Mission .  No Caption Provided

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Step 1: Completing the Map

Please complete the Red Dead 2 review if you have not already, and if you want to have some extra fun, please read our feature detailing the game’s cheat codes. There are three murder scenes to be found, with a piece of a map hidden at each. In order to initiate the Stranger Mission itself, you first have to put the map back together. Generelt, du er på udkig efter et område som stikker ud på en måde – måske du ser blodspots på vejen eller vultures i det fjerne.

Murder 1: South of Valentine

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The first murder scene is just outside of Valentine. Follow the railroad tracks going south out of town; Du kommer til å köra direkt på sporene, og du kommer til å finne kroppen under den neste overgangen. The front of the scene faces west. Du vil finne krypte ord skrevet i maling på høyre side, og til venstre, er den skadede hoved stuck to a support beam. [19659000] Murder 2: West of Shady Belle  No Caption Provided

 No Caption Provided

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The second crime scene can be found in the Scarlett Meadows region, which is a decent ride southeast of Valentine. It’s just west of Shady Belle or a bit south of Rhodes, depending on your angle of approach. It’s easy to spot coming from Shady Belle; take the road west, go straight to the first fork, and keep going straight for a bit until you reach a second major fork. Turn right here, then go straight until you reach another fork in the road. The corpse will be strung up in a big tree to your left; On your map, it will be right around where the “S” is in “meadows”. Go to the back of the tree to find the severed head and map piece.

Murder 3: Southwest of Wallace Station

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The final murder victim can be found strapped to a large rock just southwest of Wallace Station in the West Elizabeth region (it’s west and a bit south of Valentine across the river). Cross the stream and you’ll see the rock up the hill, probably with vultures perched on top of it.

Step 2: Locating the Killer

Once complete, the map will give you vague instructions on where to go and what to do when you get there. Det viser en bro med pilar som leder i en skog, en försvunnen log cabin, och en kod för en kombinationslås: 6-34-32. As any true crime fan knows, murderers usually kill in areas they know and maybe live in, which is as good a place to start as any.

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As it turns out, it ends where it all began: Valentine, or technically southwest of Valentine at a place called Lucky’s Cabin. Hvis du kommer direkte fra Wallace Station murder scene, krysse elven og følg hovedveien nordøst – dette er den retningen som vises på kartet, og du kommer til å svinge til venstre etter at du har kommet over båten. If you’re coming from Valentine, just follow the road out of town to the west.

With the pieced-together map, you’ll be able to open the basement doors and see the horrors inside. A white? icon indicating a Stranger Mission should appear on the map around the cabin – if not, you may have an active mission. You need to complete first. Efter at du har tatt et godt utseende omkring killerens skjulested (bruk din lantern hvis du virkelig ønsker å se alle grisly detaljene), ta en koll på ryggen og inspekter kniven. This will trigger a cutscene, so all you need to do is follow the prompts.

Once you’ve gotten and delivered the killer to the Sheriff’s office in Valentine, he’ll attack the Sheriff. Use Dead Eye to kill him and save the Sheriff for a reward, which will complete the American Dreams Stranger Mission. Hopefully Arthur is not too creeped out.

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