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How to determine the iPhone XR

512GB: $ 1,449, £ 1,499 or AU $ 2,369 [19659013] Buy at: Apple Store | Sprint | Best Buy |…

512GB: $ 1,449, £ 1,499 or AU $ 2,369 [19659013] Buy at: Apple Store | Sprint | Best Buy | Walmart | Verizon | AT & T | T-Mobile

You can use Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program for all new iPhone models (this is not available in Australia). Pricing ranges from $ 37 (41 £) per month to 64 GB iPhone XR to $ 69 (£ 79) per month for 512 GB iPhone XS Max. To learn more about how the iPhone Upgrade Program works, check our iPhone Upgrade Program explainer .

iPhone XR: How to Order

Pre-orders for iPhone XR began in the United States on Friday, 19 October at 12:01. PT. You can pre order your phone at or in the Apple Store app on iOS devices. With Apple’s pre-order system, you can upgrade by your operator. Choose your model, color and capacity, then choose AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon. The iPhone XR will start delivering on October 25th.

Here are the current offers and prices for the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max from the Carriers:


Verizon’s 24-month pay-per-view price starts at $ 31.24 for iPhone XR, $ 41.66 a month for iPhone XS and $ 46 per month for iPhone XS Max. If you do not need one, but two new phones, you can get up to $ 750 of a second iPhone XR (or X) if you buy one of the new models with a Verizon device payment plan and enable a new service. The discount will be applied as invoice credits over 24 months. In addition, all iPhone purchases on a Verizon device’s payment plan will get you $ 100 on an iPad or $ 50 from an Apple Watch.

AT & T

AT & T offers 24 and 30 month installment plans for the new phones. Pricing for 64GB models on the 30-month plan: $ 25 per month for iPhone XR, $ 33.34 per month for iPhone XS and $ 36.67 a month for iPhone XS Max. With its 24-month plan, the iPhone XR costs $ 31.25 a month, the iPhone XS costs $ 41.67 per month and the XS Max costs $ 45.84 a month.

Your monthly billing is lower with the 30-month plan, but you need to hold onto your phone anymore as it requires you to pay 80 percent of your phone before you are eligible to upgrade. With the 24-month plan, you only need to pay 50 percent before you can trade it for a new phone and new plan.


T-Mobile offers 36 month pay-off plans for the phone XR, XS and XS Max. 64GB iPhone XR costs $ 20.84 a month for 36 months. Both iPhone XS and XS Max cost $ 27.78 a month over 36 months, but you have to pluck down $ 100 forward for XS Max (XS does not need any money down). You can lower your monthly payment with a $ 390, $ 250 or $ 150 deposit credit (depending on which phone you deal with and its condition), which will be paid to you as credit credits over your installment plan. With a purchase, you can bring the price to $ 10 per month for iPhone XR.


Sprint has an iPhone XR, XS and XS Max invite agreement if you sign up for its Sprint Flex 18 month rental plan and have a legitimate phone to shop. You can get iPhone XR or XS for $ 0 per month or iPhone XS Max for $ 4.17 per month. You must enable a new service or qualify for an upgrade to get the offer. And the agreement comes into force only after two bills. Keep in mind that by the end of 18 months you must pay off the balance or return the phone.


Best Buy offers credit cards for your iPhone with Verizon service or Sprint service.

Sam’s Club members can receive $ 100 Sam’s Club Gift Certificate if they pre-order before October 22 and activate an iPhone XR by October 28th.

Originally published September 12, 2018.
Update, October 19: Added information about iPhone XR Regulations.

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