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How to control how much time you use WhatsApp and other apps at the end of the day


Most likely, on some occasion you have been prompted that you are addicted to mobile. You may be clear and accept or deny it outright. Others may suggest themselves and ask themselves whether or not it is true. Whatever the case, there is an application that will respond with facts. It monitors what apps you use and for how long at the end of the day to produce a series of statistics that may surprise you.

To what extent do you depend on your mobile throughout the day? Have you never had the curiosity to know how much time you spend with WhatsApp? Maybe on Facebook? You may simply want to know what apps you use most in your day. For such a purpose a developer has created his own application that shows us the harsh reality.

Usage statistics for your smartphone apps

And we say harsh reality because surely the statistics made in real time by the Phone Usage Monitor app make you rethink if it is time to rationalize the use of the smartphone.

How to control how much time you use WhatsApp and other apps at the end of the day

And it is that under a simple interface, this software collects specific data that can help us determine in a precise way in what we spend the time when we turn on the screen of the mobile. These data are mainly related to the number of minutes or hours during which we have made use of services, tools and applications installed on our smartphone.

Available for Android

In parallel, Phone Usage Monitor has an alternative section in which more specific events are recorded, such as the times we unlock the phone, the time during which it has been blocked or the percentage tracking of the battery between events and event.

If you are interested in Install Phone Usage Monitor , you can download the application d from the Play Store . There is a free version and a paid version (1.79 euros) that prevents the display of advertising. In the same way, we must bear in mind that it is an application in the process of development, so it is not exempt from faults.