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How to connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to your PC or tablet

523 Samsung has a device called Samsung DeX that allows some high-end terminals (Galaxy S8 / S8 +, Note8 and…


Samsung has a device called Samsung DeX that allows some high-end terminals (Galaxy S8 / S8 +, Note8 and S9 / S9 +) to convert a Galaxy smartphone into a personal computer by adapting the Android interface to a monitor and for use with a keyboard and mouse. But we know that not everyone has one of these smartphones, and if you have it, you are not willing to pay the 160 euros that this accessory costs. We propose a much simpler solution to connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to your PC and it’s called Samsung Flow .

Samsung flow is the natural heir of SideSync and its purpose is to allow you to connect your Galaxy smartphone to a PC or tablet, either to pass data, to enjoy a larger screen or review the content of your smartphone with a more comfortable interface.

Connecting your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to your PC is very easy

Samsung Flow integrates many functions, so we will try not to extend too much and get to the point:

  • Authenticate your PC or tablet with your mobile: For this we will use our biometric data such as iris or fingerprints, although you need to be registered in Samsung Pay. This has the advantage of being able to establish a very robust PC access system without the need to buy cameras or external fingerprint readers (who needs Windos Hello?).
  • Share and manage content between devices: we know there are other ways to do it, but when we move a lot of data or if we have allergies to our most indiscreet photos go through the cloud, nothing is more secure than a cable.
  • Share your data rate with your PC: what comes to be the shared connection of all life but integrated into this app.
  • Synchronize notifications: If we do not want to have to be aware of our smartphone while we work, what better than to be able to receive all notifications on our PC or Tablet.
  • View content of our Samsung Galaxy on the PC: because no matter how good our mobile screens are, nothing better to enjoy the video of our last vacation as a good monitor.

In order to use Samsung Flow, one of these devices is required:

  • Tablet / PC Windows: If it is a PC, we must have Windows 10 Creators Update installed (Version 1703 in its June compilation compilation (15063.413) or higher. Galaxy TabPro S and the Galaxy Book
  • Android Tablet: Galaxy Tab S3, Tab S2, Tab A2, Tab Active 2 with Marshmallow operating system (6.0) or later.
  • Android phones: We understand that it can be used with any device with Android Mashmallow or later.
  • Smartwatch Galaxy : Samsung Flow also allows us to connect our Galaxy smartwatch that has the Tizen Operating System 3.0 or later (Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Gear Sports).

We must remember, already to finish, that in order to Connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to your PC , all devices must be working under one Samsung stock ROM and that in the Windows 10 store we also have the application available for download. We leave you with an illustrative video:

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