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How to Choose the Right Workout

In the extremely developed area of physical exercises, body training and workouts, it can be quite challenging to know what…

In the extremely developed area of physical exercises, body training and workouts, it can be quite challenging to know what to do with yourself right from the moment you’ve decided to make some changes in your body. A YouTube video suggests this; a fitness magazine says that, and any of these could be right, but might not be ideal for you. The first step in picking a workout plan is identifying the changes you want in your body.

Sadly, most people that set out to start an exercise program eventually do not see it through. Often, others beat themselves up summing it up to being lazy, weak and not disciplined. The good news is that while that could be a challenge, it is not always about personal flaws, it could be simply that their exercise programs weren’t a good ‘fit’ for them, we need to keep this in mind as exercise is very personal.

Selecting the best workout plan for you to achieve your goals such as weight loss, fitness and longevity are more about yourself and your lifestyle than about completing hours of workouts, sets of workouts and repetitions. To find the ideal exercise program for you, save time, money, energy and to avert a possible disappointment in your efforts, I recommend asking these basic questions;

1. What Are Your Fitness Goals?

What do you aim to achieve from your exercises and workouts? Do you have long term or short term goals? I advised the former as it is the key to staying focused and healthy throughout your life. What are your fitness goals? If you’re not going to weight lift at the olympics, you don’t need to push heavier weights all through the day at the gym. I recommend that you exercise for what you need to have a healthy, active life.

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2. Are You Only Training Your Muscles Or Training Your Whole Body?

A lot of people focus their workouts on their muscles; they tend to neglect other aspects such as endurance, breathing, balance and flexibility, failing to keep in mind that the neglected parts are most important to our long term fitness goals and whole body vitality. So ensure that your workout plan aims at achieving your long-term fitness goals.

3. Are You Looking To Be All-Round Fit Or Do You Just Want To Shed Some Weight?

A common mistake made by most people is that they tend to merge these two together, even worse think that they translate to the same thing, whereas they are entirely different. If you are looking to shed some pounds, you might successfully do that, but still not be healthy and fit. Secondly, You’ll never be able to burn off the excess calories gained by consuming too many calories initially.

To burn off one pound, you would usually have to burn off about 3,500 calories. Jogging for hours, lengthy, slow and steady treadmill runs should do the trick here. Many times the unrealistic goal of burning off calories, especially in a short while, may be “misleading” you into the wrong types of workouts. This quite understandably frustrates one after no results to show for all the efforts put in.

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4. What Does Your Schedule Look Like?

Is your workout routine affected by several other factors such as your job, children, or responsibilities? It is better to develop your workout plan around them. If these commitments do not allow you two hours at the gym, then take your exercise home. If it comes off as boring at home for you, then link up with a friend to workout with. Spice up your exercise program and design it to reduce stress. The benefits of a focused and intense 30-minute workout in your living room far outweighs that of a stressed hour at the gym.

5. Does Your Exercise Program Incorporate More Than One Training Benefits?

Several exercises are multi-benefiting. Yoga, for example efficiently trains both your body and your mind at the same time. CrossFit is excellent of stretching and strength. Tai Chi is famous for balance and joints.

In the modern fitness world, we tend to separate our workouts into several categories, they include strength, stretching, muscle tone, meditation, balance, cardio, etc. In more traditional disciplines, a single training program is thoroughly designed to develop your whole person, your mind, body, nervous system, concentration, balance and breathing. You can get greater “value” for your training time by choosing a multi-faceted program with excellent rewards and benefits. Also, incorporating these types of programs ensures that you do lesser exercises to cover up for other body fitness aspects.

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Final Thought

We all have the same goal to live as long, and as healthy as we can, both mentally and physically. Hence, it is better to spend some time and energy finding the perfect workout for you, instead of going through a myriad of routines, trying everyone to see what fits. Undertaking the right workout for your goals is important to achieve desired results. All you need is a structured workout planned around your desired outcome.

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