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How to block applications on a mobile and that nobody can use them


In the mobile we carry many sensitive applications, especially to put their hands on them the smallest of the house. Another option is that we want to protect our privacy beyond the PIN wave fingerprint, putting a second layer of security to the most compromised apps. That is why it is very useful to be able to block applications so that nobody, except us, can use them and find us with a scare.

The apps or mobile apps they have been the essence of the popularization of smartphones around the world. There are of all colors and for all functions, but many of them because they keep our bank details or, simply, because they are plots of our privacy that we do not want anyone to see, they are susceptible to receive an extra security.

The truth is that for block applications we have to make use of … other applications. Some manufacturers like Samsung offer us a “kid mode” or mode for children in which we can block certain apps so they can not enter them, but it will always be easier to have a system that works all the time, whether or not we have that filter activated .

How to block an application on Android

In Android, we can recommend you AppLock . It is a simple application, free and without ads. It does what it promises, it is possible to put password or Unlock apps with our fingerprint. Also, if someone tries to sabotage the security we have put in, they will take a picture of the “suspect”.

Another option on Android is ” Lock AppLock Lock ” With this name so little commercial, this application will allow us to close the applications that we want to indiscreet looks through both PIN as with unlock pattern . This application also has the option of make him a “selfie” the intruder who wants to open a blocked app.

  1. How to block applications on a mobile and that nobody can use them

Other similar options with functions that also include the photo of the suspect are Block Applock Applications or Security Master .

How to block an application on iPhone

On the side of iPhone , we have an integrated function in the system with iCloud. It is possible to add up to 25 passwords to block as many applications. To activate it, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to the Apple ID account page.
  2. In the Security section, click Generate password, under Application passwords.
  3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.