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How to Beat Summer Acne Like a Pro

Summer is the only season where you can get your summertime glow going, and also the same season where we…

Summer is the only season where you can get your summertime glow going, and also the same season where we (most of us) choose to go makeup-free or prefer to rock a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look to enhance that naturally sun-kissed skin. But, while this might be what we dream about all year round, it is quite far from reality. This is because, for some, a clear complexion during summer is hard to come by, because summer acne breakout is a thing.

So, if you are one of the less lucky ones who suffer from summer acne breakout without a warning, then hold tight because help is on the way. The lovely skincare folks from FOREO are here once again to help you beat those summer blemishes like a pro. Also, to keep you under armor from future acne legions, they’ve thrown in some of the key reasons for your summer acne breakouts and how you can have a clear complexion all season long.

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Banish Summer Acne Breakout without Breaking a Sweat

Eliminate acnegenic foods from your diet

While on holiday, we often feel like this is the time to let go, and indulge; not to mention that we deserve it. So we end up binging on exotic sugary cocktails and every ice-cream flavor we’ve never heard of. However, it’s no secret that these foods can easily cause a flare-up. To avoid unwanted breakouts, try to limit refined sugar and oily foods in order to prevent excess oil from clogging the pores which often become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Clean deep but DON’T over exfoliate

Hot, sticky weather sends oil glands into overdrive and that means clogged pores. Although a deep exfoliation seems like the only way out, be careful not to over exfoliate – a common mistake most of us make during summer. We often think that exfoliating will help remove dead skin cells, giving us more even tan and unclogging pores from sweat and SPF build up. This is true, however, over-exfoliating the skin can lead to stripping the skin which in turn causes the skin to produce more oil to recover. So, opt for a less abrasive exfoliator for your travels. Make sure to choose a cleansing device that eliminates blemish-causing impurities while remaining extremely gentle on the skin, or go for a simple microdermabrasion skin treatment.

Keep a spot-fighting weapon close by

Tea-tree or lavender oil contains anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial properties, and they usually come in small bottles, which is easy to pack into your travel essentials. The moment you notice a sudden breakout, soak a cotton pad with either of the oils and dab on the zit to take away any angry redness. And if you are in need of something a little more industrial to zap that zit, carry a skin care travel-friendly device which includes blue light technology that penetrates deep below the skins surface to quickly and non-invasively eliminate acne-causing bacteria at the source. However cool and simple it sounds, don’t under any circumstances use it on sunburnt areas.

Banish Summer Acne Breakout Without Breaking a Sweat

Make changes to your products

Moisturizing in the summer is just as important as in the winter. However, a gel-based moisturizer will in most cases limit greasy skin. Also, using a non-comedogenic product is a plus; as well as any product that contains salicylic acid because it will help to soothe and prevent acne breakout. Try adding a toner in the summer if your skin is particularly oily, and swap heavier make up, such as full coverage foundation for a tinted moisturizer.

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Limit sun exposure

Yes… we know. No matter how much you want to bask in the sun and get that goddess-like glow, we will never tire of telling you how bad over-exposure to the sun is.  Sun exposure means heat, and heat means sweat (among other things like sunspots, sunburns, hyperpigmentation, and premature aging of the skin). Excessive sweating can aggravate acne, especially in people with sensitive skin causing sudden summer acne breakout. So, when the heat is high, do your best to keep cool and use that broad-spectrum sunscreen like your life depended on it.

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