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How to activate the hidden functions of WhatsApp on Android

449 Whatsapp It is what it is and allows you to do what it allows you to do. If you…


Whatsapp It is what it is and allows you to do what it allows you to do. If you search the Web you can find different tricks for the messaging application that can help you squeeze the tool as much as possible. However, all these tricks can be discovered after spending some time navigating with the platform, both in iOS like in Android .

More difficult execute the hidden functions of WhatsApp , some extra control options that can be added to the app as long as you have your mobile phone rooted, something for which on our page you can find different tutorials . In this case, thanks to an application we can change the color of WhatsApp , customize the sources of our chats, hide our connection time and alter it, and a host of other functions.

WA Tweaker

Going around XDA developers we have found a complementary tool to the instant messaging app that allows you to enable hidden functions within the version beta of WhatsApp , one of the indispensable requirements to be able add extra features to WhatsApp . The second one we have already named it before and it is the need to have root access to the terminal, because the WA Tweaker APK includes a Xposed module that allows you to fully customize the WhatsApp interface.

Beyond these requirements, all you need to install the tool on your smartphone is a version of Android 4.0.3 or higher as well as an Internet connection. If you meet the conditions you just have to download the WA Tweaker APK and install it manually in your mobile (altering the security options of the device to allow installing apps of unknown origin).

Extra features of WhatsApp

Among all the hidden functions of WhatsApp that we can enable through this app in Android we found the possibility of disable read and delivery confirmation , hide when we are recording a message or block the app with a code. You can also recover deleted messages without time limit , increase the length of the group description, add participants in the WhatsApp groups without any kind of limit or chat with contacts that we do not have stored in the phone’s calendar.

Lovers of personalization will also find an ally in WA Tweaker , it adds to Whatsapp the possibility of changing the interface font of the messaging app as well as the color of the status bar or of many other elements. Finally, the app also allows replacing emojis, although the smartphones of our contacts may not be able to recognize them correctly.

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