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How the defense got McCoy

Frisco, Texas – From my viewpoint in our studio at The Star, here was my main impression of Cowboy's great…

Frisco, Texas – From my viewpoint in our studio at The Star, here was my main impression of Cowboy’s great victory to take the lead in the NFC East.

As always, I’ll have my full bandstudy ready when I’ve had the chance to review the game again. For now it’s what jumped off the screen on me.

· Just a really nice job by Xavier Su & a-Filo and Cam Fleming to sort things out on the back of the Ezekiel Elliott touchdown run. The red skins tried to run a flash to the left when Su & a-Filo picked up Preston Smith on the inside and Cam Fleming made Mason Foster outward. Elliott gave the space to cut to the inside of the blocks. Joe Looney did a great job of sealing Ron Payne as well.

· I can not say enough about how DeMarcus Lawrence uses his technique for making games. The way he could extend his hands on Morgan Moses and not allow him to cut block him to stay upright was the reason he could come up with the intercept of Colt McCoy. Most defensive ends would have been cut down, which makes McCoy easy to throw on the outside for the first down &#821

1; but not Lawrence. The body control and balance he plays with is rare and it allows him to do the gigs we see from him every week.

· During our pregame show, I was talking about the opportunity to see a slot blitz from Anthony Brown. Brown had a good sense of the game by watching Colt McCoy, but he came home by fighting through a block from Kapri Bibbs, trying to cross his pocket to pick him up. Brown never allowed Bibbs to beat him squarely by playing with his hands and loosening out of the block.

· With no Geoff Swaim in the setup, this crime was looking for someone to go up and play on the field – and Blake Jarwin could only do it. Jarwin stopped as if he were blocking, just delaying a bill or two before he let go of the route. He could work across the field just in front of D.J. Swearinger, who drove on the game but just came a second late. Jarwin made the front desk on the controversial ball.

· Give Maliek Collins and Antwuan Woods a credit with the perfect twist stunt inside to force Colt McCoy to jump out of pocket on the way to Jaylon Smith for the bag. Collins forced McCoy to the right, and then Woods forced him to the left. Smith saw playing all the way while he was in coverage of Kapri Bibbs and simply closed on the roof.

· Outstanding route by Noah Brown and running after catching a ball from Dak Presoctt outside game action. Brown could drive Quinton Dunbar out of balance and then break out on the outside, where Prescott put the ball right on top of him. Brown could run through Dunbar, but he also got a block from Ezekiel Elliott at the play that sprung him for a few extra meters.

· I was worried that Adrian Peterson would have another great day to run the Redskins ball, especially with Alex Smith out of lineup. Peterson did not have the kind of day I’d thought of, largely because the Dallas defense had guys flying to the ball. A good example of this was the crack to Peterson where Byron Jones went to sleep with Trent Williams. That made Jeff Heath come up from his safety spot to chop Peterson before he had the chance to get the corner.

· Perfect technique by Byron Jones and Anthony Brown to handle the route of Trey Quinn for the Anthony Brown interception. Brown never fooled on the way of Quinn, and Jones did a good job of stuck Malcolm Floyd – who was responsible for trying to pick Brown to release Quinn. Floyd could not come to Brown, who sat in the perfect position to get involved.

· It’s amazing how happy DeMarcus Lawrence is like a passport rusher. On the bag he shared with Tyrone Crawford, avoiding three blocks on his way to coming to Colt McCoy. He threw Jordan Reed aside. Morgan Moses did not put a hand on him, and Chase Roullier sat completely on his block, as Lawrence could pack McCoy.

· Redskins lost Michael Gallup on a gang formation as he hit the field. Somehow, Prescott managed to slide in the pocket with Preston Smith and Stacy McGee wrapped around the legs. It was only Prescott’s broken strength in his lower body that even made it possible to play a chance. Gallup did the smart thing and just slammed down, which made Prescott turn the ball.

· Fundamentals got the best of Dak Prescott on the miss of Noah Brown on the finish line. Prescott’s feet were really bad at the throw, and if he had to do it over, he was sure he would not have continued to pull back on his drop. Prescott treated D.J. Swearinger in his face, but if he just ends his drop and throws – it’s a touchdown. Prescott made the mistake of throwing the pass from his left foot and could not get it enough.

· I think the rules for meeting recipients in the middle of the field had something to do with Amari Cooper’s 90-yard touchdown desk. It was found that D.J. Swearinger, known as a big hit in the secondary, pulled up and thought he would be flagged if he drove to Cooper. You can clearly see him quit instead of racing the ball. When Cooper made the catch, he should have been there to make the battle. That’s all Cooper had to swing outside and finish driving.

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