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How many kids have autism? US government measures 3 ways

By Lindsey Tanner | AP November 26 at 1:10 AM How many American children have autism? The U.S. regering svarer…

How many American children have autism? The U.S. regering svarer at spørgsmålet mindst tre forskellige måder og siger den nyeste estimat – 1 i 40 børn – betyder ikke nødvendigvis at tallene er stigende.

The new number, published Monday in Pediatrics, is from one of three periodic surveys the Government uses to assess autism rates. Det er højere enn et andet undersøkelses estimat, der blev offentliggjort tidligere i år, men de undersøgelser bruger forskellige metoder og måler forskellige populationer af børn, så resultaterne er ikke rigtig sammenlignelige.

Fordi der ikke er nogen medicinsk test, “autismspektrumforstyrrelse er en særligt udfordrende condition to track, “government researchers wrote in the Pediatrics report.

The true occurrence of autism probably ranges from about 1 in 59 kids to 1 in 40 kids, researchers say, taking into account information from all three surveys.

“All contribute different information to form a fuller picture,” said Michael Kogan, lead author of the new report conducted by the US Health Resources & Services Administration, a federal agency.

Various reports in recent years have suggested autism rates are rising slightly. Experts think that’s mostly because of earlier diagnosis, an expanded definition and more awareness, but say they can not rule out a true increase caused by unknown factors.

Here’s a rundown on the three surveys:

– The latest estimate is gebaseerd op reacties van ongeveer 43.000 ouders of kinderen van 3 tot 17 jaar. Zij werden gevraagd of hun kind ooit was diagnose met autismespectrumstoornis, de formele naam die betrekking heeft op mild tot ernstige gevallen. The 2016 survey was internet-based; Vroeëre waren telefoononderzoeken die iets hogere tarieven hebben, maar de onderzoekers zeggen dat de resultaten niet vergelijkbaar zijn,

De nationaal representatieve onderzoek suggereert dat ongeveer 1.5 miljoen U.S. kids have autism – 2.5 percent or 1 in 40.

– The Centers for Disease Control and Prevent collects nationally representative information from in-person interviews. In 2016, het ook vroeger of kinderen van 3 tot 17 over een steeds diagnose van autisme en kwam met een hogere score dan in de vorige jaren maar vergelijkbaar met de 1 in 40 schatting.

– The CDC also uses an 11-state tracking system. It is based on health and school records showing which children meet criteria for autism, focusing on 8-year-olds because the majority of cases are diagnosed by that age. Een rapport van dit netwerk uitgebracht in april, toonde dat 1 op 59 kinderen autisme hebben, hoewel veel hogere tarieven werden gevonden in sommige plaatsen.

Autism Speaks, an advocacy group, is among organizations that use the CDC’s network estimate.

Autism is a developmental disorder that can involve varying degrees of language and social impairments, often including repetitive behaviors.

Experts say affected kids fare best with early diagnosis and treatment, but some doctors may dismiss early signs and some parents may be unaware of autism symptoms, the CDC’s.

Shapira noted the agency has a free Milestone Tracker phone app to help parents recognize developmental delays.


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