When it comes to communicating in the digital world, there are many dos and don’ts. These are the absolute notes.

It’s time for homework or to call the troops for dinner. Sure, you can cover upstairs, but it seems so last century. You save your voice and write them instead.

And let’s be honest. It’s not just the kids we text – we also text each other, at home.

So is subtitling under one roof to become today’s modern counterpart to the dinner bubble or intercom? Or is it another example of our obsession with technology that takes the place of face to face?

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The only text that text each other in the same house can be built based on the assumption that your child is already glued to a screen at the other end – quite likely on Instagram or playing a game , rather than reading or studying for the next day’s exam. Does this mean that you inadvertently put their dependence on such an entity by communicating in this way?

Many parents who changed messages with the US today are completely cool with the same home texting or even the odd phone call that only requires a quick answer to a vacancy or reminds the children that food is on the table or that it is time to get to household chores.

For your part, however, your son or daughter is just as likely to text first. (“Dad, can you approve my app request?”)

Texting instead of screaming

“This is 2019. We use technology rather than screaming through the house,” says Michigan nurse Wendy Anton, who not only texts with the family at home but communicating with them via Amazon Alexa. And Anton says, “Adults will also text each other for the same reason or even if we want to say things we do not want the children to hear.”

Scream can actually have negative consequences, says Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Head of Media Psychological Research Center in Newport Beach, California.

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