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Houstonians are trying to turn to a record $ 1.6 billion record

Salim Palsani usually does not enter lottery fever, content instead of selling tickets rather than buying oneself. But this week,…

Salim Palsani usually does not enter lottery fever, content instead of selling tickets rather than buying oneself.

But this week, Palsani, who manages an Exxon Mobile, three Mega Millions tickets in three different locations, has also insisted on his two daughters and son accounts.

“How could I not?” Palsani said.

For the first time, the Mega Millions jackpot is estimated to amount to $ 1.6 billion. The lottery players in Houston and the United States have lined up for a narrow but real chance to transform their lives overnight.

The estimated cash option is almost $ 905 million, according to the game’s website.

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Texaco Dunlavy Mart near Dallas and Dunlavy sold only $ 7,000 on Mega Millions tickets on Friday, said businessman Woo Lee. The Mega Millions site crashed on Monday after a larger number of visitors than usual, the Maryland Gaming Commission said to Reuters.

“Mega Millions has already entered historic territory, but it’s really amazing to believe that now the jackpot has reached world record,” said Gordon Medenica, CEO of Mega Millions Group, in a statement.

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Palsani noted that there has been an increase in the first time players tried to succeed. So much so that he plans to staff two extra employees at the 491

0 Weslayan Exxon Store to help customers look for tickets and help them control how the game works.

Martha Tamez from East End is such a player. She never interfered with Mega Millions or Powerball before and thought it was impossible for a person to win a lot of money thanks to a piece of paper of $ 2.

A friend called last week Tamez, 48, to buy a ticket and at least join the fun She gave him the money and he took care of the rest. Even though none of her numbers matched, she planned to buy her own ticket Monday night.

“I would first buy a big house and give the needy,” said Tamez.

Tamez’s first pessimism over her chances of winning is in many ways justified.

Cornelius Nelan, a math professor at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, told the Associated Press, the odds of winning the jackpot are about the same as rolling a die 11 times in a row and getting one.

Assuming to beat the odds, the aftermath of win win their own game.

For the past 20 years, Robert Pagliarini, chairman of the California-based wealth management company Pacifica Wealth Advisors, has worked with lottery lovers across the country and helps them sort out the following steps.

According to Pagliarini, the winners tend to feel two visceral feelings at once: excitement, and as a client it called “a sense of judgment”.

The judgment often stems from what Pagliarini calls “very tery curse.” Jackpot winners of the past have ceased to lose all their wealth or even been jailed for a series of bad economic decisions.

“The money does not solve all your problems,” he said.

While the jackpot can be used to improve the winner’s life, it can also harm interpersonal relationships and leave the winner with anxiety that drives incorrect moves. It’s about thinking about the jackpot as a new financial responsibility, Pagliarini added.

If anyone would be lucky enough to win the massive jackpot on Tuesday night, Pagliarini recommends three immediate steps: sign winning ticket, take a photo both the ticket and by itself with the ticket and hire either a business lawyer or financial advisor to be there during the visit at the local lottery office.

Luck already hit San Antonio this month when a resident of Floresville won $ 5 million in October. 16 Mega Millions drawing by matching five digits with the Megaplier feature that adds a basic price.

Tuesday’s drawing takes place at 10.00

“While we hope the lucky winner becomes a Texan, we want to remind our players to take responsibility,” said Gary Grief, Executive Director of the Texas Lottery. a ticket to win. “

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