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Hot Stove Rumors: Eovaldi, Lynn, Happ, Soria, Gray, Brewers

Prospectus Profile: Frank German Eovaldi. (Harry How / Getty) Patrick Corbin is a Washington National and Paul Goldschmidt is a…

Prospectus Profile: Frank German

Eovaldi. (Harry How / Getty)

Patrick Corbin is a Washington National and Paul Goldschmidt is a St. Louis Cardinal. He has been trading for four players and a draft. Despite its initial bass situation, Yankees were never seriously linked to Goldschmidt this winter. Anyway, here are the latest hot spikes rumbling as the Yankees switches after the Corbin news.

Eovaldi, Lynn among Plan Bs

When Corbin is gone, Yankees are “engaged” with Nathan Eovaldi and Lance Lynn as potential Plan B rotation options, reports Mark Feinsand . YES. Happ is also in that group, of course. A week or two ago, we heard that Yankees were not among Eovaldi’s early riders, but this could still hurry. For what it’s worth, Joel Sherman says that Yankees are reluctant to reunite with Eovaldi if it takes four years.

I’ve said everything I have to say about Eovaldi. Good guy and I hope he will be paid, but I’m a hard passport to a mysterious two-hour Tommy John-operation guy who succeeds at maximum bet speed. Happ is good and nothing more in my opinion. Re-signing him would be okay but overwhelming. Lynn? Bla. He had a 4.41 ERA (2.17 FIP) in 54.1 innings with Yankees in the last season – the low FIP is the result of an unsustainable low homer speed (0.33 HR / 9 and 4.5% HR / FB) – and I suppose he could fit like a swingman. Like a full-time starter but? Not interested.

Yankees are interested in Soria

According to Jesse Sanchez Yankees are among the teams interested in veteran destroyer Joakim Soria. They are said to want two relievers to replace David Robertson and Zach Britton. Soria is still only 34 – I guess he is now 37 or 38 – and in the last season he had a 3.12 ERA (2.43 FIP) with a 29.4% strike in 60.2 innings for White Sox and Brewers . He still threw fastballs of dudes in October as well. It is still quite lively.

The Yankees have long been joining Soria, but they have never acquired him. This would not qualify as a sexual pickup, I know, but I would be cool to sign Soria for a yearly contract or even a lower price of two years contract. He would be what, the fourth best reliever in the bullpen? Perhaps fifth? He is doing well in that role. Soria is still effective and he is funny as hell (his new thing is to change his armor) and he has experience of every relief role that is possible.

Yankees, the Brewers have talked Gray

Add another layer to the Sonny Gray trade rumored mill. Jon Morosi reports that Yankees have talked to the Brewers about Gray. Morosi also reiterates Padre’s interest in Gray, saying that they have “ongoing discussions” with the Yankees. Eleven teams are reportedly in Sonny and we know eight of them: Brewers, Padres, Mariners, Athletics, Reds, Braves, Rangers and Twins. There are still three Mystery Teams ™ out there.

I’m surprised Gray has not been traded yet but I suppose it’s sensible for the Yankees to hang on to him until they acquire another start, even though they seem to be beyond the point where no return returned Brian Cashman’s comments this offseason . Bottom line, if there really are eleven teams on Gray – or even just three or four teams – Yankees will get something dirty for him. Not a star prospect or anything but something better than nothing, which is what you normally expect for a guy who had such a bad season as Sonny just did.

Prospect Profile: Frank German

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