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Hoover Mall Shooting: protest at theater ends ticket sales for the night

Just under two dozen demonstrators demonstrated for about an hour outside the AMC Patton Creek cinema in Hoover on Sunday…

Just under two dozen demonstrators demonstrated for about an hour outside the AMC Patton Creek cinema in Hoover on Sunday night.

Protesters said they expect to see pictures the afternoon Monday in the Thanksgiving evening at Riverchase Galleria which left two people injured by a shooting war and a man, 21-year-old Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., died after being shot by a Hoover -police.

Protester arrived at the theater around 19:00 and dispersed shortly after 8:00.

Activists Carlos Chaverst Jr. called the officers “terrorists” because the officers at the mall did not have the name marks. He also called the officers “klansmen”. About 1

2 officers stood on the sidewalk in front of the theater to prevent protesters from entering, including three black officers.

“You help and maintain in a terrorist act,” said Chaverst to the officers.

He continued, saying protesters will go to school and to the police home. “We will come to every place we need until the terrorist on this police department is identified.”

Protesters urged people to stop spending their money in Hoover and instead buy holiday gifts at other shopping areas in the Birmingham area. They also demanded justice for Molly, the 12-year-old girl who shot in the back during the Thanksgiving Night event.

When protesters arrived, the police said the theater did not sell any more tickets for the rest of the night

Sunday night’s protests mark fourth time demonstrations have been held at the Hoover operation since Thanksgiving Night.

On November 24th, the demonstrators outside the Macy’s department store met at the mall and repeated several chants, including “police laws, and they are still lying,” “not once again” and “stop shopping here”, AL reported .com’s Ivana Hrynkiw.

Monday, the protesters blocked USA 31 in front of Hoover City Mall and marched to the mall. They entered the mall and marched to Footaction-the place where E.J. became a shot-while he sang “Tell his name, E.J.” and “stop shopping here.”

Other shoppers stopped watching and some took pictures with their smartphones. Nearby stores closed their doors while protesters were inside.

On Friday, protesters began a break in the mall and put a wreath in E.J. memory in front of Footaction. Shops were shuttered and some of the lights were off in the mall when protesters marched in.

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