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High-tech search companies claim they have found Atlantis

If there is an archaeological find that would turn the world on its head, it would be the discovery of…

If there is an archaeological find that would turn the world on its head, it would be the discovery of the lost city of Atlantis. Many have been looking for the remains of the mythical situation, but nobody has come close to actually finding it, and researchers claiming they found it earlier, all of them have finally found themselves wrong.

Now with a series of high-tech hardware At its disposal, a company called Merlin Burrows believes that it may have finally identified the place where the city once stood. Of course, you should take everything you read from this point with a large salt grains.

Thousands of years ago, Plato wrote about civilization and noted that its incredible technical progress and wealth were not equal and that the city was ultimately destroyed by any horrible event. Nobody really knows if Platon meant that his writings would be considered as evidence of the city’s existence or if he just sewed a yarn to serve as a warning against the dangers of surplus, but it has not stopped a lot of people from searching for Atlantis.

Merlin Burrows, who calls a country and seagoing company specializing in finding “forgotten or hidden” things, is ready to release a documentary on what it says can finally prove that Atlantis was right. [1

9659005] The area around Doñana National Park, between Cadiz and Seville, as it was in Atlantis time. “width =” 664 “height =” 303 “data-srcset =” 300w, https: // thenypost / 2018/11 / magnus_atlantis_discovered_map222.jpg? quality = 90 & strip = all & w = 640 640w, 1000 1000w, 664w “data-sizes =” (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 664px “/> Speaking with Live Science, Merlin Burrow’s CEO Bruce Blackburn states that his company used satellite data to comb an area that the group believed may have been the site of the thriving city. Their work began years ago, and according to Blackburn, the site was chosen based on Platon’s writings and other texts is.

The place, located close to the coast of Spain’s Doñana National Park, was searched for clues. Merlin Burrows says it was then that the company found what it considers to be the remains of temple and tower. Dates of the material considered to be early concrete suggested that it was between 10,000 and 12,000 years old, which would suit the uneven timeline when Atlantis is said to have existed.

Magnus News Agency

This is hardly the first time a group has demanded the discovery of Atlantis and it’s not even the first time the researchers suggested that the remains can be located at this specific site in Spain. But Merlin Burrows says that the forthcoming documentary “Atlantica” will ask questions to rest.

With so many fake “discoveries” earlier, archaeological society is pretty much worn out on Atlantis discoveries. If this really is the evidence we’ve all expected, it will be an incredible achievement, but for now we have to keep our fingers crossing.

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