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High Explosives v2, new Fortnite event for iPhone

423 If there is a game that is devastating since its launch, that is Fortnite with its addictive open world…


If there is a game that is devastating since its launch, that is Fortnite with its addictive open world game mode where your goal will be to eliminate your opponents before they do it with you. The developers have realized the great pull that their work is reaching so a new event is approaching.

The players have raised Fortnite like the video game of the season saturating the servers after its launch. And in the beginning it required an invitation to play and users pounced on this jewel of video games. The creators of Fortnite have been put to work during this time and have been implementing various developments in the following versions of the platform that have been released to users. Now a new special event in which there will be changes both in the use of weapons and materials and in the goal to achieve is near; and is that users are eager to continue playing, and await with expectation each one of the news and game modes that creators come up with.

A new event approaches Fortnite, also for iPhone

High Explosives v2, new Fortnite event for iPhone

In the following days the regular players Fortnite You can enjoy the event High Explosives v2 , a modified version of the one we already saw in December. And as a great novelty, now users of the mobile platform will also be able to enjoy this event, a sign of the great importance that this sector is obtaining in the world of video games. This platform adds to those already present compatible with this video game: Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In this event the objective of the players will consist of exploit everything you have on hand in your enviroment. As its name suggests, in this mode you can only use explosive weapons : grenade, impulse grenade, remote explosive, rocket launcher, and guided missile. In addition to the restriction on the type of weapons that users can use, the time of the first four storms will be reduced to 1:50 and there will be no friendly fire.

Other novelties that will affect the gameplay in this event High Explosives v2 is related to resources, and is that now the drops of supply will generate 50% more fuel and 100% more materials, although the fall of material will increase 50% This new event arrives with the version 3.4 , where we already saw vending machines that provide weapons in exchange for materials.

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