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High ambient noise in the ocean is to spoil conversations of dolphins

Claudia1 4 / Pixabay People already do enough damage to our planet through greenhouse gas emissions, plastic waste, illegal wilderness…

 High ambient noise in the sea Vocal Calls of Dolphins Claudia1

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People already do enough damage to our planet through greenhouse gas emissions, plastic waste, illegal wilderness trade and much more. Now, a new study suggests that high ambient noise in the ocean hurt the dolphin’s voice call and prevents them from communicating with each other the same way they used to.

We can almost see dolphins as seafarers because they are extremely intelligent and social animals. They use ultrasound to communicate with each other, creating a complex set of flute calls. Their communication skills are often compared with human speech, and it’s no secret that dolphins look extremely social in their interactions with people, whether in nature or in a human-created habitat.

A new study was published this week in the newspaper Biology Letters suggests high ambient noise in the ocean prevents their communication skills. The study says that bottlenose dolphins living near the Maryland coast make less complex noise when noise from shipping and pleasure boats is present.

“It’s typical to try to answer a question in a noisy bar and after repeated attempts to be heard, you only provide the shortest answer possible,” says marine biologist Helen Bailey at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in a press release. “Dolphins simplified their conversations to counter the masking effects of ship noise. “

Bailey assistant, Leila Fouda, added:” Simplification of these whistles could reduce the information in these acoustic signals and make it more difficult for dolphins to communicate. “

In order to listen to dolphin’s song talks, researchers gathered data by placing microphones on the seabed. They noted that although ambient noise can occur naturally, noise created destroys dolphins, known as dolphins, which means the problem stems from humans.

“These whistles are really important,” said Bailey. “Nobody wants to live in a noisy area. If you have these chronic noise levels, what does it mean to the population? “

The results of the new study come in the wake of another recent study. A group of Japanese scientists discovered that humpback whales living around Japan’s Ogasawara islands reduce their vocal sings due to high ambient noise in the ocean from ships.

Inverse also noted that a 2016 study on orcas discovered that noise from ships also destroyed their communication skills.

Bailey also said in the statement on dolphin study that ship designers should understand how much noise their ships cause and transform them so they do not have such a negative impact on dolphins. [19659004] “We must work to construct quieter boats,” she said.

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