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Here’s Some Healthy Tips for Adolescents

Adolescence is a very important time for physical, cultural, emotional and psychological development. It is the time when teenagers develop some life-lasting habits. You can use this to help them grow and develop in the best possible way by instilling some lifestyle habits that help them stay strong and healthy:

Eat fruit and vegetables

One of the most important recommendations for teenagers is to have at least five daily portions of fruit and vegetables; But unfortunately most don’t consume even half the recommended amount of nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are very important because they contain the vitamins and minerals necessary for the adolescent body to grow. There are also the obvious benefits around weight management.


Playing sports does more than just burn calories. It keeps the heart and lungs healthy and releases endorphins (the chemicals responsible for giving you a good mood). A balanced sports regime includes aerobics, strength and flexibility workouts – teenagers are recommended to be active for at least 60 minutes a day.

Sleep well

Teenagers need about nine hours of sleep every day to be able to function better throughout the day. This might sound easy, but given the early school hours and the effort made with homework and other activities, it may become difficult to get the required amount every night. A fixed bed time needs to be set so a teenager can get the required nine hours before going to school in the morning and electronic devices can also be turned off so they can have some quiet time before going to bed.

Drink water

Water makes up around two thirds of our bodies which means it is important to stay hydrated. A teenager should have six to eight cups of water a day and physically active teenagers need even more than that. Aside from water, teenagers can drink natural fruit juice and low-fat milk and avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks.


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