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Here's your one-in-one-life opportunity to own a Moon Rock – BGR

October 31, 2018 Science 2 Views We are all familiar with the moon from a very young age. It is…

We are all familiar with the moon from a very young age. It is usually one of the first topics mentioned in our earliest science courses at school, and we can see it all night just by staring at the sky. But actually holding a hand in hand is something that only a privileged few can claim they have done.

Now a trio of monthly pieces on Sotheby’s auction block will give a happy person the chance to own some of the world’s largest natural satellite – as long as their pockets are deep enough.

As CollectSpace reports, the heavy rocks were originally owned by the Russian space program before they were gifted to the widow by a senior officer who oversaw some of Russia’s major achievements in spacecraft. The cliffs are part of a sample returned by Soviet moon probes, and they are the only monsters deliberately handed over to a private citizen.

This will not be the first time the pebbles are at auction, as they were initially sold to a private collector 25 years ago at a price of 442,500 USD, even through Sotheby’s. The price this time is expected to be significantly higher, possibly approaching or exceeding the $ 1

million mark.

“The sale of this product is exciting to me because I remember when the stones first came in 1993 and it was a big deal,” Cassandra Hatton of Sotheby told CollectSpace . “Being able to be involved in offering the same thing again is really huge.”

It’s hard to imagine someone who pays so much for something so small, and these stones are really quite small. They are so small that the case where they were originally presented (and still living) contains a built-in magnifying glass to investigate them. It’s still part of the moon we’re talking about here, so it’s still a pretty special item.

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