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Here's why Florida and Georgia's election day has turned into election and a half

[ The hottest place in Florida? The seat of the election boss in Broward County. ] If a county can…

[ The hottest place in Florida? The seat of the election boss in Broward County. ]

If a county can not meet the date of reconstruction, the previously unofficial results are posted – they filed on Saturday. But – and there is always a “but” in Florida – according to state charter, even if a recount is not completed within the deadline, it must eventually be completed. Electoral officers had already planned to count foreign ballot papers by 1

0 days after the election, which is Friday. The formal election results will not be certified by the State Secretary until Tuesday.

The governor’s race is all but determined

Even with the narrative and the possibility of more valors validated by court rulings, the governor’s race is all but decided with the former Republican congress, Ron DeSantis, on the way to striking the democrat, mayor Andrew Gillum in Tallahassee. Mr Gillum, who always knew that winning the machine story was a long shot, is considering a trial that disputes the results, according to two people, he closes after withdrawing his election evening concession. Mr Gillum, in consultation with his electorate Barry Richard – who represented the Republicans in the 2000s from Florida – told his inner circle that he wants to see every voice counting, including absenteeism and military polls, which may delay its formal revocation. 19659007] The Senate race is still in the air

State Detective Ken Detzner ordered a manual conversion in the race, as well as in the competition for the state’s agricultural commissioner. The deadline for the manual report is at sunday. The Nelson campaign aims to fight until all legal options are exhausted, according to several democratic officials in Florida with knowledge of their plans. [ Follow the latest Florida election results]

Advisors say Mr. Nelson, who runs Mr. Scott with 12,603 ​​votes, still believes he will advise and hope to add several thousand votes after A federal court poll on Thursday allows reviews of up to 4000 valors whose signatures had not been validated. His biggest hope – as he shares with Mr Gillum – is that an unprecedented number of voices, as previously estimated, will arise during the story, according to people close to the three-year senator. He also looks at the outcome of a trial filed in Palm Beach County. It would require government officials to count in redemption quotas that were not received within the deadline.

Then there is Pesky Palm Beach County

South Florida County whose hanging chads held a presidential hostage 18 years ago is at the heart of another choice. This time it’s about a recount, old machines and an endless deadline. The election manager, Susan Bucher, said that her aging and depleted overheating equipment had failed to count on a “significant” number of votes so they failed to complete the accounts. About 585,000 votes were made in Palm Beach, a democratic high-rise city. Hillsborough County did not leave the aggregate speech in time for the deadline because the bill had resulted in 846 fewer votes than originally counted, possibly due to two power outages.

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