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Here's How You Can Retire Like Warren Buffett – The Motley Fool

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world.You see, Buffett is 88 years old, and he's still…

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world.

You see, Buffett is 88 years old, and he’s still working. He’s still working, and he’s still in love with him. As CEO and chief capital allocator for Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B) he has no plan to call it quits in the immediate Future.

Image source: Getty.

Image source: Getty Images.

It’s not as simple as “just keep working”

Staying employed that far into your 80s is no small achievement. Als iemand die werkt in een fysiek veeleisend veld, heeft het ooit een gezondheidsprobleem gehad, of is er een verplichte pensioengerechtigde leeftijd die kan vertellen dat je een leeftijd kan krijgen. Buffett has created a strong structure around himself that gives him the opportunity to keep working long after others have stopped.

While you may not ever become CEO of a multinational company like he has, you can put plans in place similar to his det kan du holde dig selv engasjert lenge efter at dine venner har ringt det. Buffett’s success include:

  • A strong ownership stake in the company he works for
  • Sufficient control over his money so that it works for him
  • A job he clearly enjoys
  • Work that he can accomplished as his body ages

Buffett owns around 283,000 shares of Berkshire Hathaway’s Class A

These factors all work together to enable Buffett to remain employed, and they can work for you too.

A strong ownership stake stock. At around $ 314,477 per share, that’s around $ 89 billion tied up in the company he leads. Like any owner of that stock, he has a say on the company’s board of directors and leadership team, and because he is a substantial shareholder, his vote is particularly impactful. As a result, as long as he wants to remain CEO and his mental and physical health hold out, he will most likely remain CEO.

Although it’s unlikely you will own that big a stake in that stort et firma, du kan selv have din egen virksomhed og har samme niveau af kontrol over din evne til at fortsætte med at løbe. Ef þú hefur ekki áður verið að atvinnurekandi, þá gætirðu fundið að kaupa franchise eða smásala á einhverjum sem er tilbúinn til að fara eftir því að slá inn nýjan fyrirtæki frá upphafi.

Going that route, you’re essentially buying yourself a job. Og ef þú kaupir kaupmóta eða kaup í franchise, þá ertu að einhverju leyti að takmarka möguleika þína á þeim innan fyrirtækis eða franchise. Still, if your goal is to remain active, engaged, and involved well beyond an ordinary retirement age, being the owner will tell you about whether you get to do that.

Solid control over money that works for him [19659007] With a net worth of around $ 89 billion, Buffett could spend more than $ 2 billion a year more than he earns and still be incredibly likely to not outlive his savings. Still, he’s famous for living in the same house he bought in 1958 for around $ 31,500 and eating his breakfasts for $ 3.17 or less at McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) . Buffett is financially independent.

Buffett, som er værdifullt til din retirement, selv om din nettoværdi er godt under 0,005% av hans. Cash flow management is een essentiële vaardigheid voor elke huishoudelijke of kleine onderneming. Bankruptcy from spending more than you take in, after all, is one of the only things aside from health that can force you out of a job when you own the company.

You do not need Buffett’s billions in financial flexibility to have Control over your finances, but you need a solid grip on the money going out and the money coming in. Så langt som mer penger kommer jevnlig ut, så har du nok fleksibilitet til å dekke dine egne behov.

A job he clearly enjoys

With somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 89 billion to his name at age 88, Buffett could call it quits or change his occupation should he choose to do so. Men han stiller frem til jobbet og indikerer at han ikke har planer om å gå noen gang snart. Clearly, he loves his job, and going to work means more to him than having many more hours in his day back to do anything else he chooses.

Likewise, even in your golden years, you still have 24 hours in your day and seven days in your week. Ef þú ert fær um að fylla þig með persónulega þroskandi vinnu sem þú ert skemmtileg að gera, why stop? Many retirees report boredom as one of the unexpected side effects of life after work. With a meaningful job you enjoy, you can fill your days far more productively than simply rocking on the porch, watching the world go by.

Work he can accomplish even as his body ages

Buffett has admitted that he’s physically not what he used to be. Ef hann var í líkamlega krefjandi störfum eins og vöruhúsi eða byggingarstarfsmaður, gæti hann nú þegar verið þvingaður til að skera aftur eða hætta eftir því að hann gæti ekki lengur séð það. As it is, his chief responsibility is capital allocation for Berkshire Hathaway. For that work, he needs a sharp mind, which is possible to keep despite a body that shows signs of age.

Similarly, if you look forward to your own active career that lasts a standard retirement age, you should plan For work that you will be able to manage as your body changes with age. Husk at du er en eier ved å ha en sterk eierstilling og kontroll over din egen kontantstrøm, så du kan velge hva du skal gjøre. You can choose what to work based on what interests you and what you can accomplish, and as long as you are the owner, nobody is really in the position to take that away from you.

Want to retire like Warren Buffett ? Get started now

Buffett has the ability to keep working well past a standard retirement age because he has put himself in the position to be successful even if he ages. He is an owner and in control of his own cash flows. He clearly enjoys what he does, and the work he does can be done even by those who are not physically what they used to be.

Even if the CEO of a multinational company is not in your future, you can follow what worked for him to improve your chances of remaining successfully employed long past a traditional retirement age. Det første og mest kritiske skridt er at sikre at du er i kontrol med dine pengestrømme.

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