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Here's how to watch internationally Note the moon night 2018 online tonight!

Tonight (October 20) is the International Note Moon Night, an annual celebration that allows people all over the world to…

Tonight (October 20) is the International Note Moon Night, an annual celebration that allows people all over the world to enjoy the science and beauty of our neighbor’s grandsons. Two lifestyles allow you to participate online.

The Online Astronomy Service Slooh will present a live stream starting at 8 EDT (midnight GMT 21 October). It will show live telescope feeds of the moon from amateur astronomers all over the world, and live food from Slooh observatories. Slooh will present flows from the Institute of Astrophysics in the Canary Islands and Catholic University of Santiago, Chile. Questions during the show can be made using hashtag #ObserveTheMoon. You can watch the live stream on Slooh’s website, and you can also watch, with permission from Slooh. [The Moon! 1

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International Note Moon Night occurs on October 20 this year and coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon program.

Credit: NASA

But if you have a live flow of the moon as you drive yourself, Slooh has a competition for you. Send a link to your life flow on Twitter, be sure to tag @slooh. The Slooh hosts – together with the audience – will announce the best feeds at the end of the show. The category contains most exotic county councils, best background scenery and sharpest live imagery. The winners will not only be presented on Slooh’s website, but will also get a copy of Slooh’s anthology of short fiction about space “Saturn above it.”

The Slooh astronomer Paige Godfrey “will talk deeply about our nearest neighbor, the only other celestial bodies have gone on foot,” Slooh representatives said in a statement. “We will cover the significance of the moon through history as an inspiration for narrative and Myth shaping. “

Another life stream will show off the moon above the historic city of Rome. The virtual telescope project plans to show the moon” hanging over the oldest city’s famous monument, with the live commentary of astrophysicist Gianluca Masi, founder of the Virtual Telescope project. “This live stream starts at 11.00 EDT (1600 UTC).

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