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Here is Spider-Man's New & # 39; Far from Home & # 39; costumes

December 6, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views Spider-Man may be dead dead in the wake of Avengers: Infinity War . But…

Spider-Man may be dead dead in the wake of Avengers: Infinity War . But a superhero would never let a minor inconvenience, death, death prevent them from saving the day. So next summer we see Tom Holland s Web-Slinger-Return in Spider-Man: Far From Home The sequel to 2017 Homecoming . And we’ll soon get our first glimpse of the movie.

A big comic convention called CCXP is on the weekend in Brazil, and Spider-Man: Far From Home has a great presence on it, including a display of two new Spidey costumes from the movie. Check out them:

The most important Spider-Man costume is very close to it in Homecoming in a darker shade of blue and more blue on gloves and hands. (This is the costume of Holland recently wearing a look of Jimmy Kimmel Live! ) The other is a kind of sneaky or spy suit and I do not know it is directly based on anything from series . Apparently, Peter Parker will do some snooping in this movie. (Maybe he wants to steal Thanos helicopter on smooth or something.) Spider-Man-shaped glasses are a very nice touch.

The first Spider-Man: Far from Home [19659023] trailer is about to debut on Saturday after the premiere of CCXP.

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