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Here are the 2 topics that Mueller drilled on in their questions to Trump

FILE – On June 21, 2017, a file photo, Robert Mueller Special Council, resigns after a meeting in Capitol Hill,…

  • Robert Mueller Special Council is said to have focused on two key areas in their questions to President Donald Trump about potential cooperation with Russia.
  • Mueller asked Trump about the Russian government’s hacking of the Democratic National Committee and if he knew anything about it at that time.
  • Mueller also asked the president if he knew about a meeting in June 2016 at the Trump Tower between the top campaign officials and two Russian lobbyists who offer dirt on Hillary Clinton, since a Democratic presidential candidate.
  • The questions indicate that Mueller is home in the central period from June to August 2016.

Robert Mueller Special Council focused on two key areas in his questions to President Donald Trump about potential interaction between his campaign and Russia, according to Trump’s lead defense attorney.

Rudy Giuliani told the news sitting on Wednesday that Mueller asked about the Russian government’s hack of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the summer of 2016. Giuliani also said that Mueller asked the president if at that time he knew about June 2016 meeting in the Trump Tower between his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. and two Russian lobbyists said they offered compromat on Clinton.

Giuliani did not work when Axios asked about specific questions asked by the Special Board Trump, and he did not respond immediately to a request for comment from INSIDER. But his revelations indicate that Mueller is home in the period June to August 2016, probably the most important time in the 2016 campaign period.

Mueller has long been focusing on the Russian Backed Campaign ] to hack in in DNC and distribute stolen e-mails via t he Russia’s linked hacker Guccifer 2.0 and the pro-transparency group WikiLeaks.

Trump has not known contacts with WikiLeaks or Russians associated with the hack. However, as a candidate, he expressed support for the group. He also publicly commended a public appeal directly to Russia during a press conference on July 27, 2016, saying he hoped the Russians could “find” the 33,000 e-mail messages Clinton deleted from their private server.

Meanwhile, Trump Jr. and the long-term GOP strategist Roger Stone, informal adviser to the Trump campaign, had direct contact with WikiLeaks during the campaign.

Both Trump Jr. and Stone has expressed concern that they could be accused of Mueller.

Trump Jr. faces the most legal exposure from his involvement in the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, with whom he participated with Paul Manafort, President of Trump Campaign and Jared Kushner, Senior Adviser. Manafort accused himself of conspiracy and obstruction costs earlier this year and collaborates with Mueller.

When the news of the meeting occurred in July 2017, Trump Jr. said. that it focused on Russian adoptions – a problem relating to the 2012 Magnitsky Act – and did not involve campaign activities.

It appeared later that Trump Jr. took the meeting after being offered dirt on Clinton and posted to him by British music publisher Rob Goldstone as “part of Russia and government support” for Trumps candidacy. “

” I love it “answered Trump Jr. [19659017] Trump and his lawyers have said that the president had no knowledge of the meeting at the time. However, at least three Trump employees, including Giuliani, have suggested that he may know more about it than he drops.

In May, the Senate Tribunal released witnesses from Trump Jr. and Goldstone who raised further questions about whether Trump knew about the meeting in advance, and if so how much.

Observers have pointed out a series of telephone calls Trump Jr., which was made and received on June 6, 2016, after that he got the offer.

Before meeting, Trump Jr. told Goldstone he wanted to make sure it was legitimate and “just talk to Emin first”, referring to Emin Agalarov, worked Russian star star Goldstone joined the meeting on behalf of.

After talking to Goldstone, Trump Jr. Received a phone call from Russia lasting a minute or two. Then he was in contact with a blocked number for three or four minutes. Just after the end of the conversation, Trump Jr. rang Agalarov returned, and the two spoke for a few minutes.

Learn more: Donald Trump Jr could not remember who was at the other end of a mystery 4-minute phone call. Mueller can get the answer.

It’s unclear who Trump Jr. spoke between his talks to Agalarov. But Corey Lewandowski, the former Trump campaign manager, has said that Trump’s private residence at Trump Tower has a blocked number.

In addition to asking questions about whether he knew about the meeting, Trump is also under review for his role in creating an initially misleading statement from Trump Jr. when the news of the meeting appeared in July 2017. Prosecutors have said that if Trump knew the meeting form and worked to conceal it, it could add Mueller’s growing obstruction to him.

Trumps lawyers sent their answers to Mueller’s first round of questions on Tuesday.

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