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Hepatitis A, which is available at the Morimoto Asia Restaurant in Disney Springs

The Florida Department of Health has found a hepatitis A infection at one of the food workers at the Morimoto…

The Florida Department of Health has found a hepatitis A infection at one of the food workers at the Morimoto Asia restaurant in Disney Springs. The Walt Disney World restaurant is located in the City Center shopping area and officials say that anyone who dined there earlier in the month may have been exposed to it.

According to WFTV 9 anyone who eats on Morimoto Asia and consumes food or drinks between the dates of November 6 through 16 2018 may have been exposed to the virus. It is not known if anyone else than the food service is infected, but they encourage everyone to be vaccinated and screened for the virus.


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Officials also state that anyone who has previously had hepatitis A – or those who have received two doses of hepatitis A vaccine – need not immunized again. At present, officials recommend that even those without a symptom see a doctor.

Kent Donahue is spokesman for the State Health Department and issued a statement on hepatitis A infection. He also mentioned some precautions that those who ate at Morimoto Asia during these dates should take.

“Hepatitis A vaccine or immunoglobulin (IG) can provide protection against the disease if given within two weeks of exposure … Therefore, those who have consumed food or drink in the restaurant between November 6, 2018 and November 16, 2018 should contact immediately his health care provider for vaccination. “

Since June 2018, officials have seen a large increase in hepatitis A infections throughout Orange County, Florida. In fact, the number of cases is almost 5,000 percent higher than the average for the last five years – which was 1.4 cases per year.

For those without health insurance, the Ministry of Health wants to get the residents of Orange County to know

6101 Lake Ellenor Drive, Orlando, Florida (age 19 years and over), with phone numbers: 407-723-5054 – or 832W Central Blvd. , Orlando, Florida, with a phone number at: 407-858-1444.

Morimoto Asia is a very popular restaurant within Disney Springs in Walt Disney World, and the Department of Health ensures that employees and guests are safe. This case of hepatitis A in a food worker is one that is needed to become known to the public so that everyone can take the correct precautions and measures to ensure their health.

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