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Hello Apple, where is our usual spacecraft magic keyboard?

I'm excited about the new iPads and MacBook that we're likely to see at the upcoming October event. As you…

I’m excited about the new iPads and MacBook that we’re likely to see at the upcoming October event. As you know, I’m also excited about the possible update of Apple Pencil. But I’ll go ahead and say this because it’s sometimes best to remind a company to get those little things out of the way: On top of everything, I’d really like to see a spacey version of the regular magic keyboard.

Apple originally designed spacey keyboard, Touchpad and Magic Mouse for $ 5,000 iMac Pro, which lends an excellent look to Apple’s most powerful desktop so far. That exclusivity did not last long, maybe, probably because iMac Pro owners quickly went to eBay to sell their spacey peripherals at unreasonable prices, which probably made Apple obvious (or, more cynically, realize they lacked some massive money [1

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Hello, the dark, my old friend.

In March, just a few months after the iMac Pros edition, you could find the beautiful black keyboard, trackpad, and Magic Mouse as standalone products in the Apple Store, of course, with an oh-so-apple marking only because of their color. The resulting $ 99 Remove Non-Product Link is a ridiculous price to pay for a Black Magic Mouse, but I have one to my birthday and dang it, I do not regret it.

Happy ending right? Hi, not really. As Apple originally intended only the black keyboard and mouse for its new space-age computer, which One means we only have access to the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, a 16.48-inch keyboard with a button on the 35-button keypad.

It’s beautiful, but only looks on that matter. It looks like you can make a skateboard with it. Yes, it’s very cool if you use the number a lot, but as a writer the width always makes me feel like I’m writing a little in the middle. For the part, it seems that the extra width holds the mouse a lot longer to the right than it should be. And I really can not put it in my backpack.

Do you believe in Magic?

Therefore I want a regular 11-inch Magic Keyboard in space gray. I do not feel that I’m too weird to propose it. When you search for Magic Keyboard 2 on Amazon, the smaller keyboard has significantly more user reviews than the larger. It’s portable, to the point I often write drafts with one on the go while it’s connected to my iPhone XS Max. It’s the keyboard that I look the most out of promotional photos from third party companies trying to highlight their own designs by placing them next to an iMac. It’s also the keyboard I see most often in front of the iMacs display in the Apple Store. [19659000] I suspect there is no room for madness.

 Screenshot 2018 10 18 at 03.03.42 Leif Johnson

Allow me my moments. may be a logical reason for this. Apple, I initially never thought to sell space-rich Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse separately from iMac Pro, and so were the only versions ever made. That excuse may have been working in the first months, but the iMac Pro has now expired in a better part of a year. The black peripherals have been sold separately for almost seven months now. I doubt that there is a huge design change over the standard 16.38-inch keyboard, so why have not we seen it?

It is not a free demand. If you are using an iMac or MacBook with an external monitor, it’s nice to have a keyboard that runs with the black frames found on most of these devices. Hell, I’m doing well with the usual iMacs that Apple does, and a space-gray keyboard fits well with the existing black trashcan Mac Pro. Given that Apple already sells a space-gray Magic Mouse to go with this device, it’s bizarre not to include both keyboard to accompany it.

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