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Heather Locklear placed in a psychiatric way: Reports

November 19, 2018 Entertainment 2 Views Evan Agostini / Invision / AP Heather Locklear has allegedly been placed in a…

 Heather Locklear

Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

Heather Locklear has allegedly been placed in a psychiatric direction.

According to TMZ, the 57-year-old television star was taken to hospital on Sunday after her therapist and lawyer realized she needed help and was claimed to be in the middle of a breakdown. E! News confirmed that the Ventura County police responded to a medical interview around 3 o’clock in the area of ​​her home.

Daily Mail reported that she had been placed in a 51

50th place after claiming to boyfriend Chris Heisser but sources revealed allegations to TMZ and argued that Heisser was not in the house at the time. E! News has reached Locklear’s lawyer, Heisser and his advocate for comments.

 Heather Locklear, Mug Shot

Ventura County Sheriff’s Office

It has been a turbulent year for the star, arrested in February for felony battery and misdemeanor battery on a peacekeeper. She was later formally charged by only the latter and Locklear’s lawyer went into an innocent prosecution on her behalf in April to four misdemeanorous batteries on an officer. The actress checked into a treatment facility in March.

It was later revealed in a keyword that Locklear’s sister forwarded to the police that the star said her boyfriend “choked her and tried to kill her.” While her sister did not know if that was really the case, the actress wanted the police to be called. Heisser denied the charges and told officers that Locklear attacked him and that he defended himself. The police also witnessed that he held his wrists and seems to prevent Locklear on a bed. The police said that neither of them struck each other or seemed to struggle.

Police bumped around Locklear’s ankles to prevent her from kicking substitutes after her alleged continued battle conditions. The police claimed she shouted at an officer: “You king deserves your children to die! You f King deserves it! And when you’re in that position, think of me!”

June became Locklear in hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. One family member claimed that Melrose Place actress threatened to kill himself, TMZ reported at that time. A week later, she was arrested for battery on a police and emergency staff. Soon after, she sought professional help at a treatment facility reported for alcohol abuse and psychological problems. In August, her lawyer left an innocent prosecution on her behalf for a count of battery on a peace officer, a bill of battery on an EMT and a bill to resist, impede or delay a peacekeeper.

In September, she shared a message about addiction and recovery on social media. “Addiction is cruel and will try to get you down. Recovery is the best revenge”, the reading. “Be kind to all you meet, your light can only change its way.”

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