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Heat Rash || Its Types,Causes,Symptoms,Prevention&Treatment

Are you suffering from heat rash !!  Types || Causes || Symptoms || Prevention || Treatment Heat rash is also…

Are you suffering from heat rash !!

Types || Causes || Symptoms || Prevention || Treatment

Heat rash is also known as prickly heat, miliaria, summer rash, or wildfire rash. It is common and can be uncomfortable. These days, heat rashes become more popular due to the negative effect on the environment.

It happens as a natural phenomenon when a blockage of the sweat glands causes perspiration to be caught in the deeper layers of the skin. This rash is caused by the blockage of the sweat ducts, which results in the leakage of eccrine sweat into the epidermis or dermis.

The flows of sweat are obstructed, meaning it stays trapped within the skin, rather than moving from the sweat glands to the surface of the skin.  As a result, you get inflammation, redness, and bumps on your skin.

If bacteria go inside of sweet gland, then it can lead to inflammation that appears as a rash. Anything that causes sweat can cause rashes.

There are many ways to prevent these rashes such as avoiding hot environment, wearing loose clothes, using air conditioners, wash the skin with cold water.

What is heat rash?

The blockage of the sweat glands is the main cause of the rashes of heat. Rashes indicate an abnormal change of the skin which affects its color, appearance, and texture. The rashes are red, itchy, painful and irritating.

Some of the heat rashes get small red bumps, known as papules, which may itch or cause an intense, prickling sensation. These red bumps can appear at the same time in the different parts of the body.

Generally, it occurs for that person who is suffered from obesity or overweight. It also affects the person who sweats easily. Babies and children are more prone to it because of their undeveloped sweat glands. It also affects the adults, especially during hot and humid weather.

Usually, it clears on its own. But, in some condition may need medical care.  You can relieve its symptoms to cool your skin and prevent sweating.

Adults usually develop it in skin folds and the area where clothing causes friction. In babies and children, the rash is mainly found on the neck, shoulders, and chest. In some person, it can also show up in the armpits, chest, back, elbow creases, under the breasts, under the scrotum, and groin.

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