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He fought me out of bed, called me a F * cking B * tch

LOS ANGELES-Stormy Daniel's lawyer Michael Avenatti violently broke his ex-girlfriend out of her apartment and called her an "unpleasant bitch",…

LOS ANGELES-Stormy Daniel’s lawyer Michael Avenatti violently broke his ex-girlfriend out of her apartment and called her an “unpleasant bitch”, according to court documents.

Mareli Miniutti also argued that Avenatti hit her face with pillows while telling her how she had respected him.

The 24-year-old actress received a temporary arrest warrant pending a court hearing on December 10 against Avenatti, 47, on Monday. Avenatti was arrested for domestic violence in connection with the alleged incident last week.

In the documents, Miniutti says she is “afraid that [Avenatti] can hurt me and harass me”.

Along with the alleged November 1

3 attack, Miniutti also claimed that the high-profile lawyer was physically violent to her in February 2018. At that time, she felt he was angry with her after drinking and driving her into a hallway, where she hit her head before throwing her shoes.

Miniutti did not respond to request for comment.

Avenatti tweeted on Tuesday that he will be ” completely liberated ” when “the truth and the facts are completely revealed, including the security camera set.”

“I will be justified” he added . “Absolutely false.”

On Monday he also said “I am looking forward to a complete erasure of my name and disclosure of all facts. I have never abused a woman or committed any violence against anyone. fake and made. I am a goal. And I will be released. “

Describe in its contested order what she said happened on November 13, Miniutti said:” I was in the bedroom of the apartment I shared with [Avenatti] [He] went into the bedroom of the apartment and began to talk to me. We started to argue for money, and [he] called me an “unpleasant, damn bitch” and began to tell me. “

Minutti said she left the bedroom and went to try to sleep in the guest room alone.

She wrote: “[Avenatti] eventually followed me to the guest room and became very close to me in a threatening way that made me afraid. [He] continued to call me name and call me an impatient tick.” “

“[Avenatti] began to hit me on my face with pillows from the bed. He then said words as a result of, “Disrespect me not. You must not sleep in my house tonight.” “

The actress claimed the famous lawyer” grip “her right hand:” [He] tried to pull me out of bed, which caused my arm and wrist. While trying to pull me out of bed, he let [he] move on to me. “

Miniutti said she started writing a friend on her cell phone, but Avenatti claimed to” scream “at her, grabbed the phone and shouted” this is my phone! “Before putting it in the pocket.

She added:” He was very close to me so that I was afraid of my safety. I shouted for help with the nearby window. “

At this point, Miniutti-dressed in her underwear and t-shirt claims, Avenatti took her right arm and dragged her out of bed, along the floor of the apartment and into the public corridor.

The actress said she “laughed at the naked skin on my side and leg” and attached pictures of her alleged injuries as exhibits to her court application.

In the corridor, Miniutti argues that she tried to raise the alarm by calling the doorbell in an adjacent apartment, but that Avenatti stopped her.

She said, “[Avenatti] then shouted at me, grabbed my arm again and pulled me back to his apartment. [He] then blocked the door with his body and prevented me from leaving the apartment by keeping the door closed. “

She asked for her phone back but said Avenatti refused and then she fled to the guest bedroom again where she put on pants but could not put on shoes.

She said she managed to get away from Avenatti

Minutti finally got into the elevator and Avenatti managed to get into it, and the couple went down to the ground floor, she said.

The actor claimed that Avenatti asked her not to talk about it alleged attack: “[He] repeatedly asked:” Do not do this Mareli, do not involve them. “

She said that she was then met by the reception staff and Avenatti gave her her phone back.

She was taken to another room to speak with confidence and called a friend to come and pick her up. She then went to her friend’s place and noticed “red marks” on her left side. She called the police who came over and took her statement.

On the 14th of November, Miniutti said she returned to the Century City apartment, where the staff allowed her to access Avenida’s apartment. She locked the door and began to pack her belongings when she heard the door unlocking and Avenatti returned. She then went to the balcony and called the police and yelled at him to leave, as he did.

A short while later, she learned that Avenatti had been arrested and she gave the detectives another statement and left.

Minutes also Claims Avenatti acted “physically violent” against her in February 2018.

She said, “At that time I lived with [Avenatti] in another apartment in the same building. [He] had drunk and he got angry with me. [He] pushed me out of the apartment into the public hall where I hit my head against a door over the corridor. [He] then threw my shoes on me and hit me in the leg. “

The actress says Avenatti “has a story to be very verbal and financially controlled against me”.

She also claims that he “strongly opposed” her desire to work outside Hollywood and “promised to” take care of me “financially and sometimes fail to follow.”

She concluded her statement: “I continue to be afraid of [him] and do not want him to contact me. “

Miniutti requested that her temporary restriction application be hidden from the public. Her court proceedings also blew Avenatti, because she said she could not communicate to him “for fear of more threats or violence will arise.” Her request to keep the scheme hidden was denied by the court.

Describe why she wanted the case from the press, she wrote that Avenatti was a “nationally known celebrity and potential presidential candidate. His arrest for violence at the Los Angeles Police Department on or around November 14, 2018 made national news.” She claimed that news reporters had already tried to contact her via email, telephone and had contacted her friends.

She wrote: “I’m also scared of pushing this arrest warrant, because the media have relentlessly tried to find me.” She said it had made her so “very insecure” and added: “[Avenatti] stands on friendly terms with many people with the media. It makes me feel scared. [He] draws media attention for almost everything he does. very powerful. “

This is not the first time Avenatti has been accused of aggressive behavior, although this marks the first known accusation of physical violence.

Lisa Storie-Avenatti, his former wife, described him as [19659039] “emotional abuse” in divorce papers.

Avenatti “is hot-tempered and commonplace – when he is not, he gets extremely loud and verbally aggressive,” says Storie-Avenatti in a statement.

She pointed to a December 17, 2017 incident when she said she offered to allow Avenatti to visit with her 3 year old son, with a child girl present. Avenatti “took a dusk with the request of a child girl,” said Storie-Avenatti.

By then Avenatti had moved out of the couple’s Newport Beach Manse and lived in the sumptuous Ten thousand Century City building. But on December 17, he appeared unannounced at Newport Beach at home with his 15-year-old daughter from an earlier marriage and demanded access to the residence, divorce acts claim.

Storie Avenatti claimed that after having grandchildren take her son upstairs, Avenatti “immediately started screaming at me to let him get into the house and began to videotape me with his phone.” She added that Avenatti threatened her “to stay in the house every night in the coming week.”

“I told [Avenatti] to stop making a scene and that he was scary [his daughter] who hid behind a pillars, “says Storie-Avenatti.

In reply, Avenatti said that his daughter was not afraid and “was there to be his witness,” said Story Avenatti in court applications.

The lawyer continued to scream at Storie Avenatti and called the police. When the officers arrived, Avenatti told them that he wanted access to the house. Storie-Avenatti said the police refused his request.

Instead, Avenatti stood at the front of the house crying for an hour, “even after Lisa walked on the back patio to escape” her tirade, according to a memorandum submitted by Stella-Avenato’s lawyer.

The memorandum also states that Avenatti did not answer the police’s questions about “why” he wanted access to the house and “what” he wanted.

Two days later, according to Story Avenatti, the expatriate couple met in a public place to plan a Christmas visit and Avenatti threatened her further.

“During our brief meeting [Avenatti] he threatened to” burn “all our money on our divorce case and that he will call the” police “again, causing us both to be arrested, which in turn leads [our son] to protected custody, “she added in her court statement.”

“I’m worried about myself and for [our son] to [Avenatti’s] temperament and lcd of child-centeredness, as evidenced by the scene he made on December 17th there He involved his daughter and the police and the threats he made on December 19, that [Avenatti] will cause repeated emotional upheaval if we share housing. “

In his own court’s application, Avenatti accused his ex-wife of locking him out his home and change locks and access codes.

“I have two teenage daughters from my previous marriage,” Avenatti stated in a statement. “I have never neglected or abused any of my children. In fact, I have a good relationship with my ex-wife from my previous marriage, like my daughters. “

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