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Harvard Professor Sats Off Social Media Wildfire after saying a serving of fries should consist of 6 pieces

A nutritionist from Harvard recommended that a serving of french fries be reduced to only six. Several studies have already…

A nutritionist from Harvard recommended that a serving of french fries be reduced to only six. Several studies have already revealed the unhealthy effects of the beloved target, including obesity and diabetes. Hans Benn | Pixabay )

A professor of nutrition from Harvard University received the condemnation of the internet after proposing that the ideal serving of French fries is six.

Eric Rimm from the Department of Epidemiology and Nutrition at Harvard TH The School of Public Health reminded the public that the beloved snack is unhealthy, no matter how good it tastes. In a new article he called potato “starch bombs” and suggested that people enjoyed them in six-step steps &#821

1; a statement that the public was not with.

Just six french fries

An article published by New York Times discussed why, despite the fact that potatoes are considered vegetables, fries are unhealthy. It is noted that potatoes have been shown to have a high glycemic index that has been linked to a higher risk of obesity and diabetes. A previous study also revealed that people who eat fries two to three times a week have a higher risk of mortality than those who avoid the things.

The goal is to make the public aware of the serious health problems that cause fried potato consumption.

“There are not many who send back three quarters of an order of french fries,” Rimm said. “I think it would be nice if your meal came with a salad salad and six french fries.”

The Internet was of course not happy.

Combat French Fries

Potatoes are the most consumed vegetables in the United States, with the average American which eats about £ 115.6 a year, of which two thirds are in the form of French fries and equally unhealthy potato chips.

The agricultural department says, however, that a serving fries are three ounces or about 12 to 15 pieces.

If the consumption of French fries can not be controlled, nutritionists recommend the general public to skip additional extras and dressings. They also warned to ease the spices. A packet of ketchup contains 10 calories, but the same amount of mayonnaise has almost 100 calories.

The National Institute of Health classifies French fries together with donuts and sweets as “WHOA” food, which means that they should only be consumed once in a while.

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