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Handset leaks in full before official unveiling

ONEPLUS 6T will be official later today. It can be an incremental "T" edition, but it's becoming the most exciting…

ONEPLUS 6T will be official later today. It can be an incremental “T” edition, but it’s becoming the most exciting smartphone in the company.

Thanks to loose OnePlus employees, we already know that the incoming flagship will be the company’s first to present a -figure fingerprint scanner. Much to the dissatisfaction of many, we also know that 6T will be the first OnePlus handset to hide 3.5mm headphone jack for audio over USB-C.

We have rounded up all we know about OnePlus 6T below and update this article when we hear more.

Release Date
OnePlus 6T was originally scheduled to launch on October 30th, but the launch has since moved to October 29 to avoid a conflict with Apple’s iPad and MacBook event.

OnePlus has also confirmed that 6T will be sold on November 6th after its debut on October 30th. However, buyers will be able to download the handheld’s popup stores at OnePlus popup window on October 31st.

OnePlus has not yet confirmed how much 6T will cost. MobileFun claims, however, that the handset pricing starts at 499 kr SIM-free. It will wake you up to a 128GB and 6GB RAM, while 128GB + 8GB and 256GB + 8GB variants will collect £ 529 and £ 579 respectively.

Here in the UK, OnePlus 6T will be available for download via Amazon, O2, EE, Vodafone, John Lewis and Carphone Warehouse.

Latest News
29/10 / 18: We’re just a few hours away from the official unveiling of OnePlus 6T, and we’re not sure what’s left for OnePlus to tell us. During the weekend Twitter Twitter @ IshanAgarwal24 wrote what he claimed to be a complete specification sheet ( under ) for the soon-to-launch flagship together with a handful of official press photos.

Leak does not say much we do not already know but “confirms” handset 6 , 4 inch OLED screen, unchanged 16MP + 20MP dual camera setup, Android Pie OS and 3.700mAh battery.

26/10/18: UK retailer MobileFun has given INQ the rating of how much OnePlus 6T will cost here in Blighty. Confirms that it will be the company’s most expensive phone, but an entry level model, which will be purchased with 128GB and 6GB of RAM, will be priced at £ 499 SIM-free, compared to the starting price of £ 469 by OnePlus 6.

A model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space will be priced at 529 USD, according to the reseller, with a 256GB model that collects 579 kr.

25/10/18: Retail behemoth Amazon will offer OnePlus 6T in the UK when sold on November 6th. The move, while great for OnePlus, is not a big surprise, as Amazon began taking pre-orders for OnePlus 6 earlier this month.

But, Carl Pei, OnePlus founder, swung: “We have always seen high demand in the UK for OnePlus products, so we’re excited to work with – a partner who has the same vision as us – to offer people more quality choices. “

24 / 10/18: Thanks to a list of Geekbench, we now know how OnePlus 6T – with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor parade with 8GB of RAM – will perform. The handheld handheld device has earned a single core result of 2,387 and a multi-core score of 8,925. This is largely in line with Pixel 3 XL, which beat 8393 in the multi-core test and raked in 2,376 for its single core result.

23/10/18: German retailer Otto, in a now-deleted list, inadvertently excludes all that is available about OnePlus 6T, including its full specifications and how much it will cost.

The list showed that OnePlus 6T will feature a 6.4-inch AMOLED display, 2.8GHz Snapdragon 845 processor with 6GB or 8GB RAM, a dual lens camera system and a 128GB and 256GB storage . And it confirms that when sold on November 6, the 6T pricing begins at 579 euros (about 510 pounds)

22/10/18: OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shared the first official OnePlus 6T camera sample (below).

Just a few days after announcing the handset’s relocated launch, Lau shared a night shot in downtown Shenzhen saying that it is grossly translated into “bring your own filter.” The 13MP image does not reveal much about the 6T camera with regards to specifications, but suggests that the handset will have a dedicated night photography model similar to the one on Pixel 3 XL.

20/10/18: OnePlus 6T will be launched on October 29th, the company announced that it avoids colliding with Apple’s October 30 iPad and MacBook events. In a surprisingly honest post on the corporate forum, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau explains that if the company got stuck on its original plans, launching OnePlus 6T on October 30, “Should we be overshadowed by Apple.”

Although this is good news for us tech reporters, OnePlus fans have not been good at buying tickets for New York launch events and in some cases flights and hotels. However, the company has promised to cover all costs.

“We cover any costs that may arise to change your plans. If you need to pay to move your flight, we will be back. You booked a hotel or made other arrangements. Our team will come into contact with all ticket owner to help you. “

18/10/18: Thanks to MySmartPrice it’s not so much now that we do not know about OnePlus 6T thanks to the new report which shines on the phone’s price and storage configurations.

According to the leak, OnePlus 6T will be available in three versions: 6GB + 128GB, 8GB + 128GB and 8GB and 256GB. The base model retrieves uly 37,999 (about 395 pounds), MySmartPrice claims, although earlier rumor had suggested that the flagship will be more expensive than its OnePlus 6 predecessor thanks to its fingerprint sensor.

While the handset is expected to be more expensive, the included USB Type C to 3.5mm headphone adapter will cost 8.95 euros, making it one of the cheapest earphones on the market for the first time.

16/10/18: OnePlus, in an effort to continue building hype before the official launch of OnePlus 6T, has plagued a new user interface for its incoming flagship.

In a post on the OnePlus forum, the company is raising some interesting new things on the software front, including a “brand new user interface that you have to experience for yourself to really understand.”

While OnePlus 6 continues to run its own OxygenOS, the company – without revealing details – confirms that its updated skin will provide “a fast, smooth and stress free experience without gimmicks.” It notes that there will be faster navigation gestures, according to the post and some tweaks to the camera’s user interface.

“We’ve been working hard to improve the camera behind the scenes, so you can expect even better pictures,” OnePlus retas.

15/10/18: The OnePlus 6T has shredded on Geekbench just a few weeks before its official debut. The list, seen by WinFuture confirms – though not surprisingly – that the flagship will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip with a maximum clock speed of 2.2GHz, 8GB RAM and Google’s Android 9.0 Pie operating system .

11/10/18: OnePlus has shared some details about the in-display fingerprint sensor set to OnePlus 6T debut, confirming that it becomes optical rather than ultrasound. The company confirmed the details of a post on Weibo, discovered by GSMArena which states that the decision might not be good for consumers. The site, which has used optical sensors similar to the Vivo Nex S, finds that scanners can often be slow and unreliable, while ultrasonic sensors are both faster and more accurate.

4/10/18: Tickets have been sold for the launch of OnePlus 6T at Pier 36 in New York City. A secondary event will happen in India. OnePlus has confirmed that the device will not be sold at the event, but we would see and play with it, plus get a date and price.

3/10/18: OnePlus vd Pete Lau has confirmed that OnePlus 6T will be more expensive than its predecessor, and the phone’s fingerprint scanner is owed. In view of CNET Lau revealed that the technology, officially known as Screen Unlock, will encounter the total cost of the phone. He did not reveal the exact price for OnePlus 6T, but rumors claim that it will be around $ 20 more expensive than OnePlus 6.

Lau also had some bad news, confirming that 6T will not work wirelessly. He said, “When we get to the day that wireless charging can increase without the warmth we expect, I think we can integrate the technology.”

2/10/18: Official images ( under ) by OnePlus 6T have appeared online, confirming the smartphone’s teenage tears and its glossy and dull black color options. Published by WinFuture gives high resolution images a good look at the 6T dual camera sensor, which gives rise to early speculation that it will pack a P20 Pro rival’s triple camera set. OnePlus has expelled yet another official teaser ( under ) for its incoming OnePlus 6T, confirming the phone’s highly hyped in-display fingerprint scanner and its edge-to-edge display. The short video does not give much else away, but earlier rumors point to a 6.4 inch AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 845 inputs and a vertically mounted dual camera installation.

27/9/18: A new OnePlus 6T mega leak, courtesy of @ OnLeaks, shows incoming handset from all angles. above ) and a 360-degree video ( under ) shared with MySmartPrice confirms the OnePlus 6T Oppo-esque waterfall that sits on top of its 6.4in Optic AMOLED screen which has a 1080×2340 resolution and a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. Also confirmed is the smartphone’s vertically stacked 16MP + 20MP dual camera setup, its lack of 3.5mm headphone jack and, due to its lack of physical sensor, its screen-connected fingerprint scanner.

The leak, which is the most important thing we have seen, also claims that the handset will measure 8.2mm thick (slightly thicker than OnePlus 6) and pack a 2.8GHz Snapdragon 845 CPU, Adreno 630 GPU and either 6GB or 8GB of RAM together with 64GB and 128GB of storage space.

25/9/18: There is not much we do not know yet about OnePlus 6T thanks to the noteworthy tip of the Chinese answering machine. Thanks to a new leak on Weibo, we can finally see what the handset looks like.

Pictures published on the Chinese Social Network ( under ) claim to show OnePlus 6T with all its glory, complete with a teardrop-like similar Oppo R17 and a fingerprint sensor on the display. [19659002]

But before you get too excited, there’s no snap on the back of your smartphone, or any sign of any OnePlus branding beyond its “Never Settle” background. And as spotted by Gizmodo there is a hole for what appears to be a headphone jack on the lower right side – despite OnePlus’s confirmation that the device would be the first to pull the 3.5mm port .

20/9/18: An official teaser video for OnePlus 6T has hyped the incoming flagship fingerprint scanner.

The video ( under ), which star performer Amitabh Bachchan, the company’s brand ambassador in India, refers to the handset’s screen transmitter, which OnePlus confirmed would come to 6T earlier this month.

“We unlock our phones multiple times a day, and the screen lock decreases the number of steps to complete the action,” said a free OnePlus staff.

“Adding this feature as an add-on to other options for unlocking lock-up features like face lock allows users to unlock the screen in a way that is most effective for them.”

The clip also debases speculation that OnePlus 6T will follow the footsteps of Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy A7 with a three-lens rear camera configuration, showing instead the handset’s dual rear cameras.

Not much else is confirmed during 15 seconds of teaser, but we already know that OnePlus 6T will contain Snapdragon 845 internals, a larger battery than its OnePlus 6 predecessor, and there’s no headphone jack. OnePlus has confirmed that OnePlus 6T will be its first smartphone to unmount the headphone jack.

In an interview with TechRadar OnePlus founder Carl Pei revealed that “Next OnePlus Handset” will discard the 3.5 mm connector for the benefit of USB-C.

He says that the “controversial” decision was due to the fact that almost 60 percent of current OnePlus owners already have wireless headphones.

“We found 59 percent of our community that already owned wireless headphones earlier this year – and that was before we launched our Bullet Wireless headphones,” he said.

And Pei claims that, by removing the jack, the company releases more space to put “more new technology” into the product and notes that 6T will offer a larger battery than its OnePlus 6 predecessor. This is also likely to be a node to the 6T fingerprint sensor, as OnePlus confirmed earlier in the month.

“It [removing the headphone jack] was a very controversial decision. We do not do it and because everyone else is. We think now is the right time because it will benefit the majority of our users while the disadvantage is low. “

Thank you, Pei confirmed that OnePlus will have a 3.5mm to USB-C customized in the box. Since then, the company has released release of new Type C headphones along with OnePlus 6T, which will be priced at £ 15.99 in the UK.

12/9/18: ] A dubious website has listed OnePlus 6T for pre-order before its reputable October discovery.

GizTop, a Chinese e-commerce site linked to the blog GizmoChina lists next-generation OnePlus flagship with a price of $ 569 (about 440 GBP) and claims that 6T will start delivering on October 16th.

It also gives us a complete decline of the handset’s specifications, so if the listing is correct, OnePlus is unlikely to have many surprises in the store.

The handset will pack a 6.4in 2340×1080 AMOLED screen with a 91.6 percent relationship between the monitor and body, according to GizTop, which will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor parade with an Adreno 630 GPU.

OnePlus 6T will also include three rear cameras (20MP, 12MP and TOF 3D), a 25MP front-facing camera, 6GB 8GB RAM, 64GB / 128GB / 256GB storage, Google’s Android 9.0 Pie OS and a “light-sensitive fingerprint sensor under the display “.

Of course, we would recommend taking this leak with a powerful pinch of salt.

11/9/18: OnePlus has confirmed that its incoming OnePlus 6T will be the first to be presented with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Considering CNET, the company said that its implementation of the technology – so far similar to the Vivo Nex and Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS – will be noticeably labeled “Screen Unlock”.

“We unlock our phones several times a day and Screen Unlock reduces the number of steps to complete the action,” a OnePlus staff said the site and noted that the technology was originally the debut on OnePlus 5T.

“Adding this feature as an add-on to other options for unlocking lock-up features like face lock allows users to unlock the screen in a way that is most effective for them.”

In order to accommodate the new technology, the design of OnePlus 6T will be “somewhat tweaked” compared with the predecessor, with the incoming flagship set to be slightly thicker with re-arranged internals.

5/9/18: It’s far from your ever cynical INQ to believe in everything we’re looking at a blurry screenshot but this is a little exciting.

OnePlus 6T far from being an incremental change, as 5T seems to flank a whole new set of features that are likely to really erect anyone excluded for OnePlus 6 a few months ago.

An image of what is alleged to be packaging from the upcoming device, expected next month, proposes that 6T boasts an i-fingerprint sensor and a “teardrop” cutter designed to record as little screen capability as possible.

The image that appeared on Weibo does not show a photograph that immediately calls alarm blocks, but is intricate enough to suggest that if it’s a fake, it’s a ruddy good.

After moving the fingerprint reader from front to back forward over the last few iterations, moving it to the screen itself would not only be a major one for OnePlus but for the mobile industry as a whole, following Galaxy Note 9 and upcoming iPhone XS- the series looks both out to not commit the technology that has been promised forever.

We tend to take such revelations with a pinch of the old calcium carbonate, but since this Weibo user has previously got it right, we will hold our throats and say that this is true . Perhaps. Possibly. Ish.

Other specifications that we can expect are Android 9.0 Pie in the form of its Oxygen OS variant,

Although officially 6T does not exist, we actually expect it a month early, October this time around, so the date it January 15 mentioned in the post is mysterious.

It may be that for the first time it will be carrier exclusively first. Previously, O2 has had non-exclusive rights in Britain, but there are rumors that T-Mobile has snagged it for the United States, which may be exclusive. More news when we get it. μ

20/8/18: OnePlus 6T will be launched in October this year as the company’s first smartphone offered through a US network.

So says CNET quoting people familiar with launch plans, reports that the Chinese company’s next “T” edition flagship will be offered through the T-Mobile network in the states.

T-Mobile would be the exclusive OnePlus launcher in the United States, which sells the phone through its stores and website, CNET reports, while OnePlus still sells an unlocked version of 6T via its own website.

OnePlus has reported a preliminary agreement with the US operator, who will see the company release a “specific version of OnePlus 6T optimized for T-Mobile’s network”, which will include support for the operator’s Extended Range LTE technology. [19659002] The only hook can get the necessary “technical approval” for use on the network according to CNET sources, which may cause a delay in the launch of the carrier.

Still about rumors It’s true, this will be an important affair for OnePlus, which has not yet made much of a name for itself in the United States because of a lack of carrier background. A partnership with T-Mobile would ensure greater visibility for its product than the direct sales already offered through its own retail channels.

The report does not tell much about OnePlus 6T, but it is noted that the handset will cost the same as its OnePlus 6 predecessor. This means that you will be able to download a 64GB model for £ 419, with 128GB and 256GB variants that collect 519 and 569 kr. Respectively.

While CNET has no word on the handset’s specifications or features, earlier rumors suggest that OnePlus 6T will be the first smartphone to have Qualcomm’s next generation Snapdragon 855 processor, while others claim it could have a everything -Display design, with a pop-up selfie camera like Vivo Nex. μ

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