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Han Jiankui, researcher who re-edited “Crispr babies”, detained in China / Boing Boing

Han Jiankui, the scientist claiming that he produced the world's first reborn children with CRISPR technology is missing. Reports show…

Han Jiankui, the scientist claiming that he produced the world’s first reborn children with CRISPR technology is missing. Reports show that he has been detained by Chinese authorities.

The researcher presented a presentation in Hong Kong last week about the human reassessment experiment, which the Chinese authorities condemned. After that he disappeared.

A spokesman for Shenzhen University where he Jiankui was a former employee told the SCMP: “Right now, no information is correct, only the official channels are.”

“We can not answer any questions about the matter at this time, but if we have any information, we will update it through our official channels.”

Various news in China reports that he has been detained and reverted to Jiankui to Shenzhen, by the university president. 1

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After spending two billion miles over more than two years, NASA’s OSIRIS-REX spacecraft has arrived at asteroid Bennu. The space will investigate the asteroid, collect a test and home at home in 2023. From NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center / University of Arizona: This series of pictures taken by OSIRIS-REx spacecraft shows Bennu in a […]


” For God’s sake, fund it as a main program. Do not set yet another contest with science, “Russell” Rusty “Schweickart insisted. “This is a public security program.”


Remember to zoom your model X-Wing through the living room like a child, which makes an imaginary run on the Death Star trench? It seems that the technology has finally ended up in your dreams. Not only does Star Wars Propel Drone: Collector Edition fly, but it can participate in real-life laserdjurfighter with other drones in […]


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Have you ever wondered why, during this time of smartwatches and VR, are we still staying with our desktop PC? If you need a home computer for the tasks, screen size and storage that a smartphone can not handle, the Ockel Sirius B Windows 10 32GB Pocket PC is here to save space, time and money. Simply put, […]


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