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HALLOWEEN COSTUMES: Top last minute list of rain-friendly costumes

Top last minute list of rain-friendly costumes PITTSBURGH &#821 1; With on and off showers for trick-or-treat Wednesday, Severe Weather…


1; With on and off showers for trick-or-treat Wednesday, Severe Weather Team 11’s Scott Harbaugh put together a last minute list of rain-friendly costumes.

These classics will allow you to collect tubs of candy while staying dry. Well, most of them will keep you dry.

Halloween showers will dampen trick-or-treating in some neighborhoods

Pittsburgh native Gene Kelly

You’ll be singing in the rain all night in this 1950s business attire and pea coat. Heck, you can even splash in the puddles. Warning with this costume, if you are tone-deaf, please save the rest of us from the singing party.

Mary Poppins

With a new version of the iconic character coming back to the big screen this winter, mary will be very trendy in the coming months. Just make better use of the umbrella than Mary did in the movie.


The Penguin from “Batman”

Whether you prefer the 1960s Burgess Meredith version or the Danny DeVito movie version – you know you’ll get to sport an umbrella to keep you alone, but try to steal your candy [19659008] Here to help …. Rainy Halloween Costumes # 5. The Penguin from “Batman”. Sport a twirling umbrella like @DannyDeVito and stay dry all night.

When you can expect rain … now on Channel 11 Morning News until 7am.

– Scott Harbaugh (@WPXIScott) October 31, 2018


Old-fashioned tightrope walker with an umbrella

I ‘ m not sure this umbrella idea from 20 stories up was anything more than a prop, but it will allow you to stay dry while collecting candy.

David Tennant from BBC’s “Dr. Who”

Tennant’s iconic TV moment staring off through the rain has become a meme sensation the last 10 years. Of course, you’ll get soaked, but you’ll look cool.

The Morton’s Salt Girl

Not only do you get to carry a stylish umbrella, but you can also sprinkle salt along your path and listen to it dissolve in the puddles.

The Gorton’s Fisherman

The sleek, yellow rain slicker and hat are sure to keep you dry . The extra room in the non-shape fitting slicker will allow you plenty of space to tuck and save your candy.

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