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Hakeem Jeffries appears as a new face of house democrats

Ms. Lee, 72, said afterwards she "absolutely" saw age and sexism at work. "There are some women, especially women of…

Ms. Lee, 72, said afterwards she “absolutely” saw age and sexism at work.

“There are some women, especially women of color and African American women, have to fight constantly every day,” she said Adds, “we still have many glass ceilings to break.”

Mr. Jeffries replied as a “friendly contest of ideas”. Inside the auditorium where elections were held, one of his backers, representative Juan C. Vargas in California, liked him to another black democrat with an unusual name and a gift for the oratory: former President Barack Obama.

“When I arrived at Congress, my wife asked if there was anyone in Congress who reminded me of Barack Obama and I said,” Yes, this guy is Hakeem Jeffries from Brooklyn, I think he’s the next guy. ” Mr. Jeffries, son of a social worker for the state and a fall worker for New York City, holds a master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University and a law from New York University, and worked as a lawyer at the University of New York. corporate lawyer, including CBS, before joining politics. He won his first 2006 contest and secured a seat in the New York State Assembly after two failed attempts. In 2012, he was elected to Congress.

Mr. Jeffries has long been on the political radar in New York: In 2015, he spoke as a possible candidate for mayor, though he clarified the time he preferred to live in the chamber.

Here in Washington he is known as a tough and fiery kr writer of President Trump; after racial raid last year in Charlottesville, Va, he accused Trump of playing “political footsie” with former Ku Klux Clan leader David Duke, who told CNN: “It’s time for him to stop acting like a two-bit race hustler and start acting as the US president. “

But while he is progressive, he is also a pragmatist and regarded as someone who can bridge deep sections that have broken into the democratic kisses between left and so-called red to blue members like angry Republican places in the district won by Mr Trump.

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