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Hail or failure: Redskin's unbelievable strike without major change is now nine games

Josh Norman celebrates his interception on Sunday. Scott Allen Reporter covering DC pro and local colleges sports November 12 at…

Josh Norman celebrates his interception on Sunday.

A Look At The Good (Hail!) And Bad (Fail!) By Redskins 16 -3 victory over Buccaneers on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

Hail: No Lead Changes

This is my favorite quirky NFL state. Buccaneer kicker Chandler Catanzaro must appreciate it as well. Entering Sunday, Washington was the fourth team since 1970 without a lead change in its first eight games, and the first since 1995 Packers. To improve to 6-0 when she scored first this season, Washington became the first team not to experience a leading change in his first nine game since 1954 Redskins. That team started 0-5 and ended 3-9 during Coach Joe Kuharich.

Washington’s strange streak seemed to be in danger to Buccaneers because the game’s opening points were a field goal, not a touchdown, for the first time in a game that involves Redskins this season. After Dustin Hopkins gave Washington a 3-0 lead, Redskins Tampa Bay forced to settle for a potential betting field goal, but Catanzaro missed a chip shot from 30 meters. Catanzaro missed again with Washington who led 6-3, and Redskins kept his three-point breakdown until Josh Doctson’s touchdown fell early in the fourth quarter.

Failed: Buccaneers Yards-to-Points Relationship

Okay, I lied, this is my favorite quirky NFL state. According to Pro Football Reference, Buccaneers, who had 29 first downs and punted once, became the first NFL team dating back to 1940 to collect at least 500 total laps and points less than six points. On November 17, 1986, 49ers outgained Redskins, 501-266, in a 14-6 loss at the RFK Stadium, the previous low point total for a team that darkened 500 meters. San Francisco made four transactions in that game, including three interceptions by Joe Montana. Washington won despite quarterback Jay Schroeder completes only 17 of 40 passes for 170 yards and throws two interceptions of his own.

The Buccaneers joined St. Louis Rams 2011 as the only team since 1940 to be limited to three points or less when handling at least 400 meters. How did Tampa Bay remove it? Red sunlessness is rarely seen outside the Pee-Wee football pitches. Buccaneers made five trips within Washington’s 20-yard line. Two of these trips ended with sales. Two more culminated with missed field goals.

“Better team, we need to find a way to stop guys from coming up on the field, but the ultimate goal is to keep them out of the end zone and we did that.” Redskins security DJ Swearinger said.

Hail: Turnovers

Buccaneers entered the game with the second most given players (21) in the league. They lived up to their reputation as generous hosts with four more tournaments on Sunday.

“It’s pretty much what we knew we had to do,” Josh Norman told NBC Sports Washington, JP Finlay, after winning. “We had to go out here and give the ball back to our crime as many times as we can, just because we know we’re a bit shorthanded on crime now. With the killing guys and the injuries that took place, we know we have to put it on the back, every week we have to get out and take over a game. “

Norman got Washington’s sales campaign started with a leaping intercept at the finish line to finish Tampa Bay’s first drive. Takeaway extended Redskins NFL best gameplay with at least a turnover of 13. Preston Smith’s backpack Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Kerrigan’s subsequent moisture recovery with less than four minutes left was Washington’s third takeaway in the fourth quarter and helped seal a bad win.

“These games are very, very close and it comes down to a turnover here or there, or a key penalty, so I think the sales battle is critical,” said Redskins coach Jay Gruden after Washington improved his sales gap to plus-11 this season. “That’s what we’ve predicted. Mesh to our quarterback and our recipients and our balls for good ball security and our defense to get the ball. It’s not easy, but it’s been the difference so far and that’s why we’re where we are . “

Failed: Ripping Redskins Fans

After Washington improved to 3-1 on the road, Norman said his team was lined with the energy of Redskin fans who made the trip to Tampa Bay and expressed their disappointment with the crowds at FedEx Field the this season.

“We’re coming back to our home and it seems like guys do not really care,” says Norman. “They just boo everything and are not really behind us. We really do not know it [support]. And I’m really tired. [Shoot] We can play all the games along the way if you ask me. At the end of the day the people who will be for you, the fans who really [have] your back, they will be there. The other one, that’s what it is. Can not really tell them. They’ll talk about what they’re talking about anyway. They are all keyboard warriors anyway. “

Forgive, Josh. While Texans certainly would not think about whether next week’s game was moved to Houston, NFL would probably wrinkle on such a move. Norman scored some valid points during his postgame rant, but criticizing a fan base who has lived through 25 years of disappointment is not productive. Just ask Robert Henson. Norman elaborated his comments with a tweet where he challenged fans to make FedEx Field “scary loud” and “threatening”.

November 12, 2018

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